on making a plan and following through

There are only a couple more weeks left in December. How have you done? Have you stuck to your goals? This is the time to make a plan. Based on your success in […]

commit to getting strong

Sometimes achieving a healthier lifestyle can be as simple as adding one more workout into your schedule. Especially if you turn that workout into a training session where you build real muscle and […]

on giving yourself permission

Give yourself permission, but don’t punish yourself in the process. We give ourselves more permission during this season than most. We all lead hectic lives and it is nice to be able to […]

move of the week: sleep!

Approach your sleep like you do your job or anything about which you are truly passionate. Physically remove yourself from whatever activity which tends to distract you–from the computer, a favorite sitcom, kitchen […]

ask stylebook: how do I get rid of my pooch?

Sabrina: I have this “pooch” on my belly. What exercise can I do to get rid of it? Adrien, Fitness on the Run: We hear this question more than any other. Sadly, the […]

print this out: your 2014 holiday survival guide

How can this holiday season be the most rewarding and fun? How can you get those two things without compromising your waistline and health? We all think the holiday season brings extra pounds, […]

fitness on the run: bodyweight exercise 101

At Fitness on the Run we are dedicated to our own and our clients’ whole health. Ultimately we want you to maintain a balance of healthy nutrition intake, restful and adequate sleep, stress […]

guest post: is it time to get strong and healthy?

Is it time to get strong and healthy? After a life-long dream of starting a fitness business, I opened the doors to Fitness on the Run 10 years ago out of our house. […]

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