My Schedule, the Key to My Success

In December, I introduced Holly and her huge successes with my concierge wellness program. Not only did she lose the pounds, she gained stress resilience, got control of her calendar, and learned to […]

Your (Out-of-Control) Email Could Be a Reason You’re Not Fit: Calendar Part 3

Last week, I highlighted that most of us have 16 hours in a day. (Assuming you are getting your eight hours of sleep.) How you spend that 16 hours is a key component […]

Calendar Mistakes Part 2: Just Say No

We are pleasers, or at least most of us are. Most of us fear conflict and wish away any circumstance when we disappoint someone, especially someone for which you have respect or a […]

4 Calendar Mistakes You are Making: Part 1

So, you want to be super fit and just feel better about yourself. Have more confidence. You want to look great in the latest fashion – shorts, sleeveless tees – the works?   […]

Find Your True Health and Wellness: Stress Part 3

Can being busy really be the reason you can’t reach your fitness? Yep. And, really, your blue light from your phone and iPad is seriously hindering your ability to lose weight? Yep. Read on […]

Tools to Gain Resilience in the Face of Stressful Situations: Stress Part 2

If I could wave a magic wand over the 2,000 clients I’ve seen over the course of 16 years, it would be to fix their stress. I would give them the tools to […]

10 Ways to Reduce Stress for Fat Loss: Part 1

What is one chronic practice (hint: habit) in your life you can be assured leads to weight gain, poor sleep, pesky and serious illness, poor decisions, depression – and unhappiness? Chronic stress. Two […]

How These 5 Sleep Mistakes are Impeding Your Goals

Did you ever think a strength and conditioning coach would tell you that your nighttime tea may be more important to your physique and well-being than your morning workout? Well, if you are […]

How to Build Your Home Gym

You would think as a 16-year veteran in the fitness industry I would have a deluxe home gym, right? Think again. (P.S. -> Here is a link to our free Healthy Habits Challenge […]

You Want Me to Start a New Healthy Habit Now?

For many, this is one of the most challenging circumstances you have experienced. By now you know, I am obsessed with habits and with human behavior. I mean, if so many of you […]

5 (More) Ways to Stay Strong During Coronavirus

Now that we are further into the time when most of us are homebound, stress in our country is at an all-time high and you may be feeling slightly helpless. Kids are out […]

Coronavirus: Your Top 10 Wellness “Must Dos” Starting Today (Part 1)

Fly or cancel? Meet friends out or stay home? Go to the gym or walk, or ride your Peloton instead? Social distance? What? There are a lot of questions in all of our minds […]

How Your Midday Habits are Affecting Your Wellness

Imagine committing to being outside for at least one hour every day. Not that it has to happen all at one time, yet you have developed a habit of one hour total each […]

Your Nighttime Habits: The Reverse Alarm

Is it your habit to have a fit body? Sounds kind of strange I’m sure, yet it is a good question. Do your daily habits reflect your desire to have a fit body? If […]

How 1% of Your Actions Can Make You Succeed or Fail

My first 22 minutes every day. They define me. They are my one percent that has made lasting impact on my health, my stress, my wellness, and my confidence. They are unbreakable. I’ve […]

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