It’s Never Too Late

We are often asked how late is it too late to start a fitness program. We have great news for you… Never! Fitness on the Run actually just hosted a workshop for our […]

Four Friends: Retired, Medicine-free, 100 Pounds Lighter

Would you believe…these four are a combined 100 pounds lighter than they were just two years ago? And they are all prescription medication free? Want to know HOW? Read on and join us for an […]

“Brain Hacked,” Sleep, Lacked  

Sally* is an executive with a large trade association. Not only is she amazingly successful at work, she has four thriving and happy children, each involved in his or her passion of piano, soccer, theater, and tennis. She […]

Happy First Mother’s Day to New (and Fit) Mom to Brooks, Allison DuShuttle

How does a well-known and highly successful Alexandria realtor, new wife, and leader in multiple Alexandria charities approach her workouts? One word: commitment. Throughout her pregnancy, Allison Goodhart DuShuttle made her workouts an important part of her busy schedule. As the co-owner of one of […]

Sleep, Part 2: “Protecting the Asset, YOU” 

Just like my fitness journey you read about when I turned 50, my sleep has been around the block a few times. Like many college and grad school students, I’ve had my share […]

Want To Lose 10 pounds? Get QUALITY Sleep!

Are you hangry? Did you know that you can actually help control your appetite by doing something that is primal and vital to our living? SLEEP! Why in the world do we wear it as […]

She Says, She Says: Our Experts on Migraine Relief + Prevention

If you suffer from migraines, you are all-too-familiar with the debilitating symptoms that can keep you away from work, play, and just life for days. You may worry when the next migraine will strike and force you […]

So You Want Your Child To Be a College Athlete? (Part 3)

As a parent, you know that athletics are great to prepare your child for life’s challenges and opportunities. You also know building a child’s confidence is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. But did you know […]

So You Want Your Child To Be a College Athlete? (Part 2)

What does it mean to give your kid confidence? What does it mean for them to understand how to move their body in a way that prevents injury? It’s the difference between a […]

So You Want Your Child To Be a High School or College Athlete? (Part 1)

Fitness on the Run (FOR) instructor Erica Morales is an example of what it takes to be a college athlete. She learned many lessons over the years and continues to lead an active and healthy […]

Meet Alex and Dominika: Taking Time for Balance + Simplicity

Fitness on the Run’s instructors come from many walks of life: law, corporations, teaching, and government affairs. We believe each individual brings a special balance of experience and compassion to help others achieve […]

How Fitness + Focus Prepared Carol To Fight Cancer

Carol Froehlich’s appreciation and understanding of young children made her passion of becoming an elementary school counselor a reality.  She embraced her profession and found children responsive to the variety of programs and […]

Street Style: Jane Batson

Conservatively, I have seen at least 2,000 people walk through our doors at Fitness on the Run FOR) over the past 13 years.  I see some who say that want a particular goal […]

Surprising ❤ Facts You Need To Know, Part 2: Food Good News/Bad News

In part one of this series on four things you should know about your heart, we explored 1) how women experience heart disease – and heart attack – different from men and 2) […]

This Valentine’s Day, Love Yourself: Surprising ❤ Facts You Need To Know

What if eggs weren’t actually “bad” for you? What if working on your emotional health was equally, if not more, important than the other accepted factors that lead to heart disease? What if […]


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