Creating the Habit, part 4: Maybe It’s *Not* You

If sticking with an exercise regimen remains an elusive goal, maybe the problem isn’t you after all, but where you’re going and/or from whom you’re seeking help on your fitness journey. We have […]

Creating the Habit, part 3: How Do You Do It?

I’ve spoken to you about how health and fitness can be measured relative to lifespan, the importance of exercise, and the benefits of making it a regular part of your daily life. Now it’s time […]

Creating the Habit, part 2: What Are You Afraid of?

In my last post, I explained the importance of exercise post-30 and the innovative ways the medical industry is measuring life span. We explored the indicators of life span: VO2Max, Waist Circumference, Resting […]

Creating the Habit, part 1: What’s Your Fitness Age? (and Why It Matters More than You Think)

Most of you already know 70 percent of New Year’s resolutions do not last past January. So instead of the typical fitness blogger talking about resolutions, I’m going to talk about something that’s more important […]

The 4 Best Ab Exercises for Those of Advanced Fitness

The other day we talked about the three best ab exercises that everyone can (and should!) do. Today, we take it a step further and share ab exercises for those of advanced fitness, […]

The 3 Ab Exercises You Should Do Every Day

Even those who have taken a break from fitness or have never really engaged in a fitness program can have awesome abs.     1. Walk correctly Its all about repetition. We do it all day long. When done correctly, we […]

Want To Feel Younger? Try these 3 Exercises

Let’s cut to the chase. We’ve learned how to get rid of “Bingo” arms. We know how to drop 10 pounds. And we even know how you – or your loved ones – can really […]

Buh-Bye Bingo Arms: Tips To Get Those Arms Toned

How can you get rid of those “bingo arms” and “waving flags” arms? I mean the arms so many women cover out of shame, even with all of the cute, sleeveless fashion that’s […]

Retired? Do these 4 Exercises To Better Enjoy “The Best Years of Your Life”

Retirees make up more than 11 percent of the total population in the Alexandria. Being part of the Baby Boomer generation, you are part of the engine that powered the nation’s growth. You’ve […]

Fit Mom, part 2: Drop the Kids at School, Drop a Few Excess Pounds

The morning rush. We are all too familiar with kids waking up late, the last minute request for a permission slip, a resistant kid, and the feeling of utter euphoria when the bus […]

3 Tips To Be “That Fit Mom” 

Feel like you’ve done almost everything right and can’t lose that last 10 pounds? Here are three tips you can start using today.

Personalized Attention & Fun Exercise, All in One Place

Sharon has lived in Alexandria for a long time. She’s tried it all: yoga, spin, zero-dark-thirty boot camp in a school parking lot, and the corporate gym classes. Sadly, she has found that […]
NEW Classes & Packages

A New FOR: 25+ NEW Classes, NEW Class Packages & Rates, Same Amazing Workouts

I pride myself on knowing the latest, greatest and following who I believe are the leaders in the fitness industry. You know the saying: you are who you surround yourself with, right? Well, […]
Fitness Show

The Angela & Elizabeth Fitness Show!

It was super fun to hear from Elizabeth and Angela they wanted to “get back into fitness” after a summer break. At Fitness on the Run (FOR), we often hear about how summer breaks, holidays, and unforeseen […]
Strength Loss, and Finding the Real Me

Client Story: Strength, Loss, and Finding the Real Me

Every now and then we like to let our amazing clients tell their story, in their own words. Here’s Cindy Creelman on how she found a way to cope with stress, sadness, and […]

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