Extensions 101

As we head towards fall our hair is screaming for attention in every way possible. In previous articles we have talked about trendy colors and how to keep your hair healthy (in between […]

Heat + Humidity + Hair. Here’s Help.

The heat and humidity of a D.C. summer has arrived with a vengeance. As we know, with the humidity often comes the dreaded frizz. So for all of my frizzy friends with unruly […]

Summer Hair Hacks: Beach Waves, Bantu Knots & Braids

It’s that time of year, filled with sun and summer fun along with the hustle and bustle of last minute work obligations, activities with the kids, that much-needed family vacay, or maybe just […]

Spring Hair Trends: A Hint of Sunshine & A Splash of Happiness

While spring is officially present, we’re often left wondering if we should throw on a t-shirt or a down jacket before heading out the door as we wait for reliably warmer days. However, […]

It’s Time To Talk Winter Hair Maintenance

The cold, windy days of winter can leave our hair and skin feeling drier than a desert. Whether you have fine, thick, medium, curly, wavy, or straight hair, the best thing for our […]

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