weekend recap


street style: kathryn

“You deserve to feel good about yourself,” reads the first line of Kathryn Martin’s website. A personal stylist, Kathryn’s mission is to make every woman feel good about herself. And she’s good at […]

meet allison

Bellacara Interview (1280 x 720) (1) from Alexandria Stylebook on Vimeo.

how to: look effortless (with a little effort)

Darby Rush is gorgeous. It’s true. She always looks well-rested and sun-kissed, her hair is thick and looks great worn at any length, and she dresses in a way that says, “I care, […]

weekend recap

There was a lot going on in Alexandria this week, and we had a great weekend! [portfolio_slideshow]

street style: alexandra

Meet Alexandra. I promise we’ll get around to showcasing women who aren’t members of our Alexandria Stylebook team soon, but we are very lucky to be working with such stylish young women! Alexandra […]

how to: tie a wrap dress two ways

Zoe Wrap Dress Video from Alexandria Stylebook on Vimeo.

what to wear: to work on summer days

I don’t work in an office anymore, but I did for a long time. It can be really tough to figure out what to wear when it is crazy hot outside, freezing inside and […]

weekend recap


street style: sarah

Meet Sarah. Our first street style volunteer and a part of our Alexandria Stylebook team. She was on hand to help gather all of our clothes and accessories for our first photo shoot […]

trend alert: spring hair accessories

I’d be willing to bet that everyone reading this has bobby pins and hair clips stashed in her beauty basket. This season, try kicking them up a notch with some color. The bobby […]

weekend recap


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