Making Room for What’s Possible

I consider myself a glass half full kind of woman. My husband is inundated with my desire to “reframe” anything that has tinges of negativity. So much of this can be attributed to […]

A Mini Edit Methodology

I’ve tapped into a new sweet spot with my business that is directly related to the pandemic. People have spent a lot of time at home with their stuff. All the stuff has […]

What’s Next Now!

One of the advantages of my job as a wardrobe stylist is that every new client is like a gift I get to engage with. Sometimes the engagement is short and other engagements […]

Adapt and Overcome

Time is an incredibly interesting concept. The passing of another year is only our earth revolving around the sun one more time. It’s pretty simple. However, as simple as it is, our culture […]

A Key Gift for Father’s Day!

My husband Mark and I met when I was waiting tables at Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon. He came in to visit his friend on a slow weekday afternoon where I was the […]

A Post Corona Wardrobe ~ Virtually Possible!

I think it’s safe to say, we all have had our good days and bad days throughout the past seven weeks of quarantine. Personally, I have found that I’m often triggered by the […]

Silver Linings

My son is a soccer player. He’s been playing soccer since he was hip high on me. When my daughter was in afternoon preschool, I was looking for an activity for a three-year-old. […]

Reinventing Your Career (and How to Look Great Doing It)

A few weeks ago TSALT posted an inspirational piece celebrating our friend Ginny Brzezinski’s book Comeback Careers that she co-authored with her sister-in-law, Mika Brzezinski. I thought it would be fitting to build on Tamara’s piece […]

“Sustainability in the clothing industry is not a trend – it’s a movement…”

Sustainability in the clothing industry is not a trend – it’s a movement that is set to change fashion as we know it. There’s a new generation of young designers who are answering […]

Ready or Not: 2020 Trends

I usually write a trend report at the beginning of the year for Stylebook readers. For some reason this year I’ve been blocked with how to address “trends” for the spring season. I’ve […]

Results Instead of Distractions

Many of you know by now that I hold “Style Court” on Tuesdays and Sundays at The Hive. As a stylist and wardrobe consultant, I’ve kept a connection to working in boutiques as […]

Fashion That is Authentically You

I think a lot about what is authentic these days – mainly with regard to style. How do we develop our own authenticity in our wardrobes? Perhaps it’s because I’m at a place […]

Shoulder Season Dressing

I’m sure everyone is ready to for cooler temperatures. Alexandria’s fall and springs are some of the most challenging times to dress. We’re antsy to move into our fall clothes but with temperatures […]

“If I were going to buy just one thing…”

Every major fashion season I will inevitably be asked the same question – by both clients and friends alike. “If I were going to buy just one thing, what should it be to […]

Thinking Outside The Blue Jean Box

Finding ways to add value by increasing the number of outfits in a woman’s closet is an ongoing goal within my business. Clients find they save money and acquire less when they implement […]

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