Winter Chic! Après Ski Attire, Styled by Age

January may be exceptionally cold, but it is usually filled with lots of winter fun. When you’ve lived in Alexandria as long as I have, you consider yourself lucky to experience nearly every […]

Warmer Climates in Your Future?

I’m powering through the winter with a look at some intriguing styles for anyone who is lucky to be planning a warm weather escape. Resort deliveries offer dynamic pieces that are designed to […]

New Year, New Pants

There have been plenty of posts about specific ‘must have’ items and why they should become staples in your closet. I’m about to go on record for endorsing the pants you should at […]

A Family Tradition

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is typically a time where I like to prepare for the coming year. I consider it a self-imposed deadline to assess what I have and purge […]

WTW for NYE (and How To Style It After the Party)

There couldn’t be a better time to come into TSALT and find something for this coming weekend. Why? Almost everything in the store is 50 percent off! So with that in mind, here are some […]

Top 5 Categories for Black Friday: Advice from a Stylist

A good strategy is always my number one priority when working with a wardrobe. Locating great pieces on sale is part of the plan. This Black Friday, consider what is missing from your […]

Happy “Pants” Giving!

Back in August I posted an article about the blue Oxford shirt. That piece received more feedback than most any of my other pieces. Everyone was either on the hunt for a blue […]

The Magic of Gifts

Gifts somehow become a labor during the holidays. Yes, some of us can say we love the process of looking for just the right gift for those who mean the most to us […]

Your Local Destination for European Designers

Traveling offers us an opportunity to explore different landscapes as well as a different point of view on style. I’m sure many of you carve out a little time when you get out […]

The Failures of My Success

What have you failed at lately? This question came across my radar as one to pose to your children in order to take the fear out of trying new things. As a society, […]
Annual Outerwear Event

TSALT’s Annual Outerwear Event

TSALT’s announcing our Annual Outerwear Sale! And since this might be the best time to come and purchase a coat for the upcoming months, we suggest taking a look at what you have […]
Style Non Skinny Jeans

Back to Basics (aka Remembering How To Style Non-Skinny Jeans)

Last weekend I started phase two of my own closet turnover. Phase one was the end of August where I established a transition wardrobe by pulling out everything that was so obviously summer. […]
Cost Per Wear Strategy

My Cost Per Wear Strategy (Just in Time for Tomorrow’s Sip & Shop!)

Many of you know by now that my rule of thumb is “Buy Less, Wear More.” When I work with clients in their wardrobes, many times we explore the pieces that still owe […]
Color Stories + School Spirit

Color Stories: Fall, Friendship + School Spirit

Color stories are a great way to start pulling ideas together for fall. Thinking of your events and what you will be attending also helps you establish some guidelines that will keep you […]
Oxford Blues

Oxford Blues

August is when many fashion directors take a moment to prepare us for fall. Keeping up with all the online and print editions of fall fashion can be more than any one woman […]

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