what to wear: necklace stories

I love jewelry stories. Layering rings, bracelets and necklaces goes way back for me. In middle school, I would wear my add-a-beads with a smaller monogram necklace. I still have the stories from […]

what are culottes?

Ruth: What are culottes? And how is one supposed to wear them? Alicia, TulleBox: Culottes are the French equivalent to what the Italians call Palazzo Pants. I imagine Americans called them “knickers” when […]

how to: shop your closet

I would have to say the number one request I receive from clients is to style their wardrobe. For some clients, that’s all I do. They shop, I style. Styling requires knowing how […]

comments from the peanut gallery

One of the reasons I call my business TulleBox is that I have a fairly vast skill set. I originally received my degree in Interior Design and have attached many of my other […]

getting the most out of your carry-on

Summer is filled with a lot of packing and not always for the much needed R&R. I had to pack for a work trip last week. It was a convention in Dallas and […]

a stylist’s closet must-haves

Katy: What are your top five must-have pieces of clothing? Alicia, Tullebox: This may seem like the most boring answer but it explains why core pieces are so important. – Tanks (white, black, […]

SALE ~ keeping your wits about you

If you’ve seen the movie, Something About Mary, you might remember the scene where Dom (Chris Elliott) suggests that Ted (Ben Stiller) consider a certain pre-date ritual to calm his nerves before going […]

alicia’s look: prepping for travel

My clients have been taking advantage of their time (and mine) now that summer has arrived. They are either cleaning out closets and purging so when fall comes around, they have both room […]

orange really is the new black

Anne: I am seeing shades of orange everywhere, but is it a color anyone can where? It just doesn’t seem like it would be very flattering on me. Alicia, The Tullebox: Typically, the […]

summer sporting

Kate: I’m going to a lot of sporting events this summer. I don’t want to just wear a t-shirt and shorts, but it’s going to be so hot! Any recommendations? Alicia, Tullebox: When […]

will the big labowski inspire you this fall?

Rarely do I purchase flowers at the farmer’s market, but last Saturday I was taken with this single rose in a 5 gallon bucket. Purchasing one rose may seem odd…but you had to […]

alicia’s look: the pool

This weekend I am making the pool my priority. We are still wrapping up soccer games which has kept from my long awaited “first day” at the pool. When I finally take the […]

what is a stylist? (and a great introductory offer)

styl·ist  noun \ˈstī-list\  : a person whose job is to make something (such as a person’s hair) look attractive Many people hear the word “stylist” and think of Rachel Zoe putting celebrities in gowns […]

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