Getting Unstuck + Focusing Forward…With a $1,200 Giveaway!

Over the past few weeks I have had multiple friends, clients, and associates share how much they are enjoying my social media feed. It’s been kind of crazy, the amount of feedback I’ve […]

Score High in Your Performance Review

Earlier this week I happened to catch a snippet of a segment about career advice on the Today show. I was planning on writing a post on how to create a polished wardrobe […]

Your Sherpa to the 2019 Trends

If there has been one idea that has stuck with me over the past few years it’s to learn how to live in the moment. Staying present and practicing mindfulness has been a […]

“Let’s not forget about corduroy…”

This year, many women have been looking for alternatives to denim. While the tried-and-true lifestyle staple is easy to build on, redundancy can set in. Even with the many shades and styles of […]

How To Get More Style Points with Prints

As a stylist, I hear many women share the challenges of getting dressed. More often than not, each of them feels as though they are the only ones who cannot make heads or […]

Dreaming of a Time-Saving Style Solution

Do you ever wish you could record your dreams? Do you wonder what they would look like if you could? For me, dreams often come in and out of focus. This becomes quite […]

How To Style a Camisole, the Underpinning Must-Have for Fall

You might recall the slip dress was all the rage about a year ago. Now it’s time to embrace another lingerie item: the lace camisole! Cost per wear, camisoles offer an incredible value […]

“Suits are having a major moment.” Here’s 1, Styled 5 Ways

Does anyone else remember the first professional suit you purchased? Allow me to wax poetic for a second… My second job out of college was as a junior interior designer at a commercial […]

Do You Need a Sweater Edit?

It’s time to think about your sweater game for fall and winter. As sure as hemlines rise and fall and denim shapes evolve from skinnies to wide leg, sweaters have a cycle, too. […]

The Shop & Stroll Event and TSALT’s Staff’s Selections

It’s time for the Old Town Boutique District’s Shop & Stroll. This is when our area’s premier boutiques and businesses participate in a community effort to make shopping fun and give all who […]

My Top 5 Emmy Awards Looks

Fall means more than back-to-school, transition clothing, and harvesting the last of summer’s bountiful fruits and vegetables. There’s also the Emmy Awards. I admit that I’m falling short on how much television I […]

The Pants Line Famous for Its Perfect Fit

How many of you have a hard time finding pants that fit properly? Of all the items of clothing, pants can be the most difficult to master for designers. Years ago there was […]

Oversized Coats: Fashion Form and Function

Oversized coats are a dominant trend in the realm of outerwear this year. It’s not surprising since fashion has landed, like Marty McFly’s DeLorean, smack dab in the 80s. Those of us who […]

A Psychological Play for Fall

Bright coats are a psychological boost. There’s no denying the influence that color has on us. Whether you are choosing paint for interiors or a new case for your phone, we tend to […]

My Mini Closet Audit with Megan

The best part of my job is meeting incredible women who are ready to offer it up and invite me into their closets help them. The satisfaction of solving problems and identifying how […]

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