Fall Designer Profile: Isabel De Pedro

TSALT has become a great source for unconventional and chic clothing brands. You may have discovered Marie Saint Pierre or PH15 on one of your visits. Once a boutique starts carrying a European […]

TSALT’s Sidewalk Sale Preview

I’m sure many of you have marked your calendar already for the season’s major retail event in Alexandria: the Annual Sidewalk Sale. This bargain hunter’s dream has grown over the years to epic […]

First Look at Fall ’18 Apiece Apart

August is all about making room for new inventory in retail. The fact of the matter is that while creating a mix of sale items and new fall inventory might seem like an […]

Feeling Fancy: The “Clueless” Fashion Trend

Last spring, I was in New York to consult on the fall buy for TSALT, where we took appointments at a variety of showrooms. The Globe Showroom is always a favorite since this […]

TSALT Staff Picks from the Sale Rack

Imagine you had an expansive closet tricked out with some of the best selections of pants and dresses in town. You might feel overwhelmed with so many choices. Over time, you would probably […]

Ageless Style (and Sales!) at TSALT

The term “age appropriate” gets thrown around a lot when we talk about style and fashion. What women should and should not wear after a certain age seems more like a question of […]

Building Blocks for Capsule Wardrobes

Everyone who engages with me about style wants to find a way to have less in their wardrobe but still have a variety of outfits. Finding ways to create thoughtful relationships with a […]

Brochu Walker: The Ethos of Alexandria Summer

If you’ve been looking for a collection of understated, chic pieces, look no further. TSALT has found a collection that speaks to our Alexandria ethos. Brochu Walker is influenced by the ease of […]

I Couldn’t Help but Wonder…Has It Really Been Twenty Years?

While scrolling through Instagram one evening earlier this month, I stumbled upon Sarah Jessica Parker’s post. It was an old picture of her as Carrie Bradshaw and it dawned on me that we […]

Kempton & Co.: Déjà Vu Certainement

Finding a great bag line is tricky for boutiques. Bags are such a personal item and finding a collection that speaks to women in our area can be challenging. When Kempton & Co. […]

The Summer Sale at TSALT: “Let the games begin!”

Sale season has officially begun at TSALT! This week got off to a great start but there are still many great deals to be snapped up. When brands such as Elizabeth and James, […]

Classic Gifts, Modernized

It’s time to celebrate our dads!!! Father’s Day is this weekend and if you haven’t picked up a little something to celebrate these stellar and lovable guys, TSALT has some great ideas that […]

Who’s That Woman? Dressing to Your Essence

It’s safe to say we’ve all gone to an event where we don’t know a lot of people. Perhaps it was a wedding where you may know the bride or groom, or the […]

Here’s Your Photo Op Dress (…and There’s No Sticker Shock!)

Here’s a question. Do you have that “go-to” dress in your closet right now? It’s that dress that makes you feel great every time you put it on and can get you out […]

Weekend Getaways: The *Short* Packing List

Packing for short trips should mean a short packing list. If you are not a regular traveler, however, packing for a short weekend can take longer than packing for a two-week trip overseas. […]

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