New Fall Line Coming to TSALT: Eleven Six

Meet Eleven Six – part four of TSALT’s new fall line series. Whitney has done it again, ladies! This fabulous knitwear brand is adding the coziest flare to TSALT’s fall collection. Eleven Six […]

TSALT Chat: Shara Posner

Over the last year I’ve really enjoyed meeting interesting women in Old Town, dressing them up for these posts and then writing about the cool things they do and how they are impacting our […]

TSALT Chat: Christina Calloway

A few months ago a friend of mine told me about Christina Calloway. “She is so beautiful,” my friend said. Scroll down and look at these photos to confirm this obvious statement. Beauty […]

New Fall Line Coming To TSALT: Autumn Cashmere

Part three of TSALT’s new fall line series is here and the next new brand is…Autumn Cashmere. The store is already filled with a ton of knits by the line, but there is […]

TSALT Chat: Natalie Strahorne Of Xtend Barre Old Town

Last week I had the chance to get to know Natalie Strahorne, owner of Xtend Barre Old Town. I quickly learned that Natalie wears many hats and balances a whole heck of a lot in […]

New Fall Line Coming To TSALT: Mackage

If you haven’t been following along, welcome to my four-part series on the new lines that TSALT will be carrying this fall. Don’t worry, here’s last week’s article on KNITSS, the first brand in […]

New Fall Line Coming To TSALT: KNITSS

Get ready for a month of introductions. Over the next four weeks I will be introducing you to four lines that TSALT will be bringing into the store this fall! Each is different […]

6 Ways To Style Jaga Dresses: Casual or Elevated, Always Flattering

When a dress can go from casual to elevated and chic it’s worth writing about. Let’s take it a step further shall we? When that same dress is also universally flattering and comes […]

Smythe Hits Every Fall Trend and Gets It Exactly Right. Again.

To continue with the fall theme, I naturally felt it was the right time to share some fall trends coming to you soon at TSALT. As I started perusing the order sheets, I […]

My Fashion Kryptonite: Coats

Do you have a thing? By “thing” I mean a total fashion kryptonite that without a doubt monopolizes your closet. I’ve met many a gal with a “thing” for bags, and many more […]

It’s the Spring & Summer Sale at TSALT. Time To Rack Up Those Double Points.

In honor of Alexandria’s 270th birthday, TSALT is extending their 40 percent off sale! All spring and summer items in the store are on sale for 40 percent off from today, July 8th, […]

On Community Service: Brittany Patterson-Hill and Junior Friends

There is a 99.9 percent chance that you’ve seen this smiling face around town. While she’s all of five feet, one (and a half!) inches tall, she has a giant personality that is […]

Get Rewarded for Your Great Sense of Style: Introducing TSALT’s Loyalty Program

Summer is officially here, so to celebrate TSALT is announcing a new Loyalty Program! Now you’ll have the chance to earn points with every purchase. All you have to do is sign up […]

Low Stress & Last Minute: My One Hour, One Bag Packing Challenge

Planning quick summer getaways can be so much fun, but why is the packing so daunting? If you’re anything like me, packing doesn’t happen until the very last minute and I almost always […]

Meet the TSALT Stylists

You’ve read my posts, you’ve heard my thoughts, and you’ve seen the fabulous clothes, but you haven’t met the team behind the store that I write for! TSALT has an incredible group of […]

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