Your Old Friend Denim

Jeans have always been versatile, but during these trying times they are akin to turning to an old and trustworthy friend. They let you be who you truly are, whether you tend toward […]

The Essential Skirt

If you are considered an “essential employee,” what exactly does that mean? It means you go to work no matter the act of God preventing everyone else from making the trip to the […]

Upgrade Your Legging Look

I suppose at one point leggings were a bit taboo…to be seen only in the territory of weights, running, and sweat. Now they are considered a staple due to their comfort, versatility, and […]

Summer Dresses You Need Now

Ditch. The. Leggings. It is time as the mercury soars and the summer heat radiates out of every pore. You need these dresses to keep you cool, beat the heat, and slay the humidity. […]

Rubyyaya & Lulasoul

There is excitement in the air! Like giddy children we adults are embracing the easing of lock down restrictions and looking forward to venturing out, however cautiously, into the beginning of a sun-drenched […]

How to Wear Red Pants

Do you see red? And I don’t mean when you are angry. My eyes immediately gravitate to this color previously reserved for royalty. In my corporate years I owned a killer two-piece red […]

Thanksgiving Style

Thanksgiving…a day for turkey trots, football, family, and food! Each household celebrate their traditions – some families dress up for dinner while others dress down. No matter how you celebrate this quintessential American […]

When Does a Trend Become a Classic?

Velvet has been prominent on the fashion runways for three or more years. Designers love the luxurious fabric. In fact, velvet was an extremely popular fabric amongst the Renaissance fashionistas…for both men and […]

Just Do It

I have always been a live and let live type of gal. I appreciate the differences we all have and understand that each one of us makes the best choice for ourselves and […]

Kiskadee Staff Labor Day Faves

Why is Labor Day viewed as the end of summer?  Why not the beginning of a new season! Let’s turn that frown upside down and get a new attitude. Labor Day signifies parental […]

How Not To Overpack: The Surprisingly Simple Solution

Do you overpack? We just had Memorial Day Weekend, which, if you went away was a simple two- to three-day trip. But so many of us pack as if we’ll be gone a […]

Size Matters Not: The Tall and Short of It

I’m 5’9” and, contrary to what many of Kiskadee’s lovely customers think, I can’t wear everything. Cropped pants don’t always land on the proper part of the leg (I tend too look more […]

Yes, You Can Wear Pastels!

I love Charles Barkley. Why? He is just funny. He is humble, self-deprecating, witty, and not afraid to show that he doesn’t excel at all sports. Plus, he wears lavender suits and he […]

How To Wear a Sheath Dress Now

Imagine your perfect sheath dress. Fits perfectly, great for work and dates, but it is 50 degrees outside and you have bare arms and goose bumps. Brrrrrrr! So you rethink wearing your most flattering […]

Two Tops Styled Four Ways

Clothes spark joy! This is especially true when you make smart purchases of fashions you love. Truthfully, I feel better about a purchase that I wear again and again as opposed to one […]

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