Easter Baskets for the Tweens & Teens in Your Life

I admit it. Traditions die hard and one in my family is the Easter basket. When my children hit the “I don’t believe” stage I couldn’t help myself…they each continued to receive baskets […]

What To Wear Caroling (or, How To Be Really Warm, Stylishly)

I love everything about the holidays…the smell of a lit fire warming a family’s hearth, the sight of brilliant and colorful lights lining neighborhood streets, and of course hearing and singing traditional holiday […]

On Becoming Local

Alexandria, and Northern Virginia for that matter, is a state within itself and I love it! I came here immediately after college, had no idea where to live, so I plopped down in […]
Jeans and Tees

Jeans and Tees, A Love Affair

If I could live in anything, other than my workout gear, it would be in terrific-fitting jeans and a fantastic t-shirt. That is MY comfort level of dressing for both day and night. […]

What To Wear (and Eat!): Mother’s Day Edition

I know, I KNOW!  Everyday should be Mother’s Day!  Just think…everyday we would not have to do any chores, we would get breakfast in bed, and go out for dinner!  Alas…that is not […]

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