So You Need a Sofa. Here Are the 4 Questions To Ask To Get It Right.

Last week I was fortunate enough to be a part of an excellent story about buying a new sofa that appeared in The Washington Post.  Lindsey Roberts did a great job at sharing […]

Red’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Whether for Valentine’s or Galentine’s, we’ve scoped out some sweet and thoughtful gifts that will show just how much you love them. Endearment Mugs – Your coffee-loving Valentine will be overjoyed by this sweet sentiment and […]

Super Simple Super Bowl Party

The Patriots take on the Falcons this Sunday in the Super Bowl, the one day of football everyone watches…even if it’s just for the commercials.  Now I like football.  I went to the […]

Goal Setting Made Simple

  Writing down goals is not something at which I’m good.  In fact, the concept of goals is a bit bewildering for me.  That might sound strange coming from someone who has kept […]

Snow More Foyer Woes

We know it’s coming but we don’t know what we will get.  It’s winter and that usually means snow.  Whether it’s a few inches or a few feet like last year, it’s good […]

Jack Rudy Nipping at Your Nose

So it’s cold outside.  The joy of the holidays is over and all we are left with are cold noses and toes.  I don’t know about you, but now that we are in […]

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