Personal Stationery Trunk Show with Meant To Be Calligraphy & Haute Papier

Next week, Penny Post is excited to welcome two of our favorite local, women-owned businesses for a special trunk show. On June 9th from 2-4pm, Michele Hatty Fritz of Meant To Be Calligraphy […]

4 Rules for Refreshing Your Vacation – or Any – Home

Recently, I was looking for a rental home at the beach for a little summer getaway. It was tough to find anything that I deemed liveable. Everything I saw had the same prescribed […]

What Is Bullet Journaling and How Can It Help Me?

I have a seemingly endless number of things I need to keep track of – meet with teachers, tae kwon do for Kate, Scouts for Will, vet for dog, travel for husband, summer […]

How Do You Thank Those Who Deserve It Most?

This weekend is Mother’s Day and this week is Teacher Appreciation Week so you have some shopping to do, my friends. How do you thank the people who do the most? The folks […]

How To Create a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at Home

Generally I avoid all Mexican restaurants on May 5th, just like I avoid all Irish pubs on March 17th. The crowds are just too much for me. However, I don’t like to let […]

Street Style: Jean Molesworth Kee

It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the formidable Jean Molesworth Kee today. I first had the opportunity to work with Jean in 2011 when she did a workshop for us on […]

Good.Works.Wednesday x Spring2ACTion

Wednesday is Spring2ACTion so get your wallets ready! Hosted by ACT for Alexandria, Spring2ACTion is Alexandria’s annual day of giving. More than 150 non-profits are taking part this year in an effort to […]

Shop Sustainably at Red Barn Mercantile & Penny Post

We all know that recycling is important and that we should turn off the lights when we leave a room and public transportation is better than driving, so I don’t need to tell […]

Decorating Ideas for All Tax Return Budgets

Happy tax season, all! Income taxes are due next week and I for one will be glad it’s over. As a small business owner this is a waiting game I don’t like to […]

Celebrate National Letter Writing Month with Penny Post and Friends

Letters connect us much more than a text or an email does. My mother writes in all caps and has very neat penmanship. It’s very distinct and when I see it I always […]

Spring Dining in Casual Comfort

You know we don’t do anything fancy at Red Barn Mercantile. When it comes to entertaining, we just don’t believe in a lot of fuss when we can be spending time with the […]

Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on Its Way

The other day I easily spent half an hour trying to decide what candy to put in my children’s Easter basket. To say that I take Easter baskets seriously is an understatement. When […]

Big News for Textile Lovers

Have we got some good news for you! Cisco Brothers just announced that they are offering COM in their Essentials Collection. What does that mean and what in the blue blazes is COM? […]

Introducing the Coolest Object You Will Ever Own

Design is critical. Let’s be honest, it’s not life saving, but it does make life worth living. It gives us beauty, aspiration, and constant inspiration. Companies from Porsche to Target incorporate design into […]

Designing a Living Room Based on this Look

I was scrolling through The Hive and The Shoe Hive’s Instagram feed the other day – well every day, let’s be honest – and was struck by this picture of a woman in […]

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