Engraving vs. Letterpress: How to Print Personal Stationery

After writing all your holiday thank you notes, you’ve run out of personal stationery, which means it’s time to re-order but you’re not sure what to do or where to go. Where to […]

Dash & Albert President’s Day Sale

Each spring and fall Dash & Albert introduces a slew of new rugs. This year, you’re in luck because they are doing it just before the annual President’s Day sale. Starting today through […]

Valentine’s Day for Littles

​One of the best things about being a mom is getting to do all those fun things you loved to do as a kid over again with your own children. You know, things […]

5 Tips To Place Living Room Furniture for a Space that Works for Real Life

The holidays are over and you’ve nursed your credit card back to health, now what? Now it’s time to think about your home. The recent temps don’t indicate it, but spring will be […]

SWAK: Introducing Penny Post’s Correspondence Club

My very favorite part of our house is the mail slot in our front door. At our last house, we had to walk past several townhouses to get to our mailbox. And if […]

Wedding Invitations 101, part 3: Etiquette

So you have your timeline set and picked out the invitation that speaks to you as a couple. Now what? Now you need to know a few rules of wedding etiquette so you […]

Wedding Invitations 101, part 2: Five Design Trends

OK, so we have plotted our course and have our schedule made (see part 1 for a refresher). Now it’s time to think about what those invitations will look like. This is the […]

You’re Engaged! Welcome to Wedding Invitations 101, part 1

Congratulations on your engagement! According to Wedding Wire, seven out 10 of the most popular days to propose are between December 1 and January 1. So it’s safe to say that I’m congratulating […]

After-Christmas Sales at Red Barn Mercantile & Penny Post

At Red Barn Mercantile and Penny Post, we cut to the chase, get down to brass tacks, shoot straight, make long stories short, put things in a nutshell, and other common idioms for […]

Last-Minute Gift Giving: Penny Post & Red Barn Mercantile

I don’t know about you, but inevitably I am left scrambling at the last minute to fill in my last few remaining gifts. They are usually goodies for stockings, a gift for my […]

Penny Post’s Can’t-Miss Picks

At Penny Post, I have the great good fortune to work with amazingly creative and talented people. These folks know how a fine pen writes, they know quality paper when they feel it, […]

Holiday Love from Alexandria

Five years ago my family was ready for a move. We looked at Annandale and Arlington, but in the end, we just couldn’t leave Alexandria. The mix of small town feel and urban […]

Small Business Saturday at Red Barn Mercantile & Penny Post

To all of you who frequent Alexandria Stylebook’s businesses and the other local businesses in your neighborhood, thank you. From the bottom of each of our hearts, thank you. Small Business Saturday is […]

How To Host Thanksgiving: Twists on the Traditional

I absolutely love Thanksgiving. It’s one of those holidays where everything is quiet – except for the touchdown cheers and the dinner oohs and aahs – and the streets are empty because folks […]

This Saturday: The First Uptown Block Party!

I hear people grumbling about all the retail vacancies in Old Town and folks are lamenting the demise of brick and mortar, but I’m here to tell them to stop. And here’s why…in […]

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