Products to Revive Your Locks

By Jennifer Smithmeyer When it comes to hair products, my main goal is to find products that extend the life of my color and prolong the time between washing and styling, as well […]

Coola – Not Just Sunscreen Anymore

We’ve long been fans of Coola sunscreen not just for the sun protection it offers but the multitude of application options (sprays, creams, lotions, and sticks) as well as its commitment to organic […]

“Yep, this is the one…”

By Jennifer Smithmeyer Have you ever found that special skincare product that works so well? It makes you just think to yourself, “Yep, this is the one! I’m going to need a never-ending […]

Bellacara Celebrates 21 Years

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 21 years since Bellacara first opened its doors! I never would have imagined that I would be here 20 plus years later. I think back to […]

No Makeup Look… No Thank You

One of my mantras for the past twenty years has been less is more when it comes to makeup. Enhancing one’s natural beauty without masking it has always been our credo at Bellacara. […]

Westman Atelier this Spring

There are many things I love at Bellacara. There just are. But one thing you all know I love is Westman Atelier. I love it for so many reasons, the most important being […]

Product Line Spotlight: Surratt

By: Jennifer Smithmeyer  It’s true that I spend five days a week surrounded by the best beauty products a girl could ask for. Lately when it comes to makeup, I’ve been a bit […]

Get to Know Makeup Artist Celthia from Bellacara

by Celthia Corsino My name is Celthia Corsino. I’ve been with Bellacara for almost four years. Some of you might know me from doing your makeup or giving professional advice on beauty. I love Bellacara and […]

Cold Weather Changes to Your Skincare Routine

There’s nothing earth-shattering and likely nothing you haven’t heard before in this post, but time and again, it seems that although we know it… we forget to do it. We have a routine, […]

Biggest Hair Care Trends of 2021

This past week I must have read five different articles on the hairstyle trends that are popular right now and are predicted to stay that way throughout the season. While the articles all […]

Product Love: The Lip Balm

These days there are so many new beauty products on the market that brands are finding ways to jump off the shelf at you. Cute, bright packaging and kitschy names like “Good Genes” […]

Low Maintenance… High Cost

As an avid collector of all things beauty, I am constantly looking at other websites – beauty retailers, beauty bloggers, and beauty brands alike. I recently came across a website I generally like […]

Product Reviews… The Good… The Bad… The Ugly

I read about a lot of products. I am continuously searching for the next great product… who isn’t? I want something that will turn me into Cindy Crawford overnight – and by the […]

Let’s Talk About Mascara

Okay ladies, let’s face it… the eyes have it. They always have, but with these face masks our eyes are more important than ever. We can’t see your lips, we can’t see your […]

Winter Blues

I think I’ve mentioned before that I definitely suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It isn’t lost on me that the acronym is SAD because that’s generally how I feel when the weather […]

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