Product Love: The Lip Balm

These days there are so many new beauty products on the market that brands are finding ways to jump off the shelf at you. Cute, bright packaging and kitschy names like “Good Genes” […]

Low Maintenance… High Cost

As an avid collector of all things beauty, I am constantly looking at other websites – beauty retailers, beauty bloggers, and beauty brands alike. I recently came across a website I generally like […]

Product Reviews… The Good… The Bad… The Ugly

I read about a lot of products. I am continuously searching for the next great product… who isn’t? I want something that will turn me into Cindy Crawford overnight – and by the […]

Let’s Talk About Mascara

Okay ladies, let’s face it… the eyes have it. They always have, but with these face masks our eyes are more important than ever. We can’t see your lips, we can’t see your […]

Winter Blues

I think I’ve mentioned before that I definitely suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It isn’t lost on me that the acronym is SAD because that’s generally how I feel when the weather […]

Time to Glow Up

I don’t recall ever having heard the term “glow up” before the pandemic, now it seems I hear it all the time. Apparently, (for those of you like me who aren’t familiar with […]

If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It…

You’ve heard the old adage and it’s a saying for a reason – when something is working, don’t overthink it. If you change for change’s sake, you’re likely to create problems where there […]

Hmmm… I Never Thought of That

I pride myself on trying the items in my store. I take things home nightly to try them. I firmly believe that if someone asks me what I think of something, I better […]

Snow Day Stroll Through Old Town

The weather has been beautiful this fall, but even with the lovely weather we’ve all spent our fair share of time indoors this year. So, when I heard it was going to snow […]

The Holidays in Old Town

I love the holidays in Old Town. The lights up King Street, the store windows, the greenery and the wreaths on the light posts, it’s magical. I really love the unique finds at […]

Quick Glam Makeup for the Holidays

By Celthia Corsino Looking for quick glam eye makeup for the holidays? Here are some tips for cutting time and looking fabulous (with or without the mask) with some of our favorite products! […]

Is My Hyaluronic Acid Actually Making My Skin More Dry?

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of hyaluronic acid. I’ve extolled the virtues of this product many times before in the pages of Stylebook. Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar found in […]

Plaid Friday in Old Town During COVID

We’ve had a lot of inquiries this year about how we will be handling Plaid Friday (Old Town’s take on Black Friday). In years past, we have had a rolling discount and we […]

RMS Master Radiance Base Cream Highlighter

RMS has done it again. This four-in-one product literally does it all. A tiny bit goes a long way too. This is most definitely a concentrated product that has to be applied sparingly. […]

Best of Beauty: Our Best Sellers – Makeup Edition

The question we get asked most regularly (after “What can’t you live without?”) is, “What are your best sellers?” Sometimes we have to take a minute. Haircare, skincare, makeup? There are so many […]

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