Oribe Root Touch Up Spray – It Works!

We’ve all been without our hairdressers for awhile now. Our roots are showing. For some of us, that means a dark part down the center of our head. For others, it means gray. […]

Makeup Ready for Your Zoom Meetings

Ever feel like you look completely washed out when you see yourself on your video call? You’ll probably find that you need to add a smidge more makeup than you’re used to so […]

Clean Luxury Lipstick …It Does Exist

“And bonus… it’s clean.” That is my mantra. I spend a lot of time hunting down new products for the store. It has become increasingly important to my customers that I find products […]

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

My girlfriend Julie is always making fun of me for my proclivity to allow one project to snowball into another. She always says, “Well Ang…if you give a moose a muffin…” I’m not […]

Taking a Makeup Break

I’ve been hearing from a lot of you that during this quarantine you aren’t wearing makeup. At the start it seemed like it was a good thing, liberating even. But after a while […]


Mothers are amazing. They are the ones we run to when we’re sick, sad, lonely, or scared. They wipe our tears, they bandage our scrapes, and they sacrifice so we can succeed. Most […]

Graduation Day Boutique Box

The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult on everyone for different reasons. But one of the groups that this has affected really breaks my heart…that group is the graduates. For high school graduates, it […]

A Sense of Community

When all this started over a month ago, I must admit I had no idea how hard it would be. One day the store was operating business as usual and then the next, […]

Bachca – Beauty and Affordability

I’ve always been a person who detested clutter. I can’t have too many small things around me as it unsettles my mind. I need a clutter-free work environment and I can’t relax in […]

Westman Atelier Launches A New Highlighter…and It’s Awesome

It’s pretty obvious by now that I’m mildly obsessed with Gucci Westman. Okay, maybe a little more than mildly. I have pared my personal makeup routine down to almost exclusively her line and […]

Removing a Dip or Gel Manicure at Home

Your nails looked amazing a few weeks ago. Now they’re lifting and chipping. Every day you don’t remove them, you risk peeling them off and destroying your nails or catching them on a […]

It’s the Little Things…

Today I got up and did a fifteen-minute virtual workout and it was just what I needed to set my mind on the right path for the day. I felt so much better […]

Easter Boutique Box

Last week we introduced our first Boutique Box and it sold out on day one. So many generous people are sending gifts to clients, to family members, and to friends. It’s really been […]

360 Sunscreen and Why You Need it Right Now

I got up yesterday morning, washed my face, put on my face cream, and brushed my teeth. As I headed for my computer, I suddenly turned and went back to the bathroom counter. […]

The Bellacara Bag

All of this time at home has been wonderful in many regards. For one thing, I’ve seen my four teenage boys more this past week than I have over the past three months. […]

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