Take Advantage of this Opportunity

COVID is a bitch. I said it. I miss restaurants, my friends, my kids being in school, seeing you all regularly, and all the other things I took for granted before all this […]

Westman Atelier Eye Pods Have Arrived!

Anticipation has been high for this launch. We were originally supposed to get our shipment in May, but as the Westman line is made in Italy, the launch was pushed to July and […]

Save Your Pretty Face

I’ve mentioned it before, but the blue light on all our devices isn’t as harmless as it seems. It turns out that blue light keeping you up at night isn’t the only bad […]

More to Love from Zelens

For months (and months… and months), we’ve been waiting for the shipment from Zelens to arrive in the U.S. Then, we had to painstakingly wait while the shipment made it through customs, into […]

5 Reasons Your Hair Keeps Breaking

Many of you are using this time away from your regular hair appointments to let your locks grow. But whether your hair is long or short, broken strands can make your hairdo look […]

My New Favorite Tube Hand Cream

Hand creams can be tricky. They have to hydrate and heal the hands, but most of the truly effective creams leave a greasy residue. The ones that don’t often aren’t up to the […]

Augustinus Bader Launches Face Oil

Once there was just The Cream and The Rich Cream. Then came the introduction of the Body Cream with its firming and cellulite reduction properties. Several months later, The Cleansing Gel. All of […]

Angela’s Favorite Things: Skincare Edition

Abby shared some of her skincare favorites with us last week. She loves to wear all kinds of makeup, loves her bright lipstick, and tends to have an oily skin type. I, however, […]

Gucci Westman Loves Alchimie Forever Serum

No surprise that I have a girl crush on Gucci Westman. I personally own and use almost every single item in the Westman Atelier line. I love her products. As a result, I […]

Hello Saint Jane Eye Cream… Goodbye Dark Circles

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Saint Jane products. The Luxury Beauty Serum has been a serious go-to oil in my rotation since the day I first tried it. Anyone who […]

How to Create Perfect Curls

This post is by Abby Baldonado one of our wonderful Sales Associates at Bellacara. Thank you, Abby!  I know that curls are a delicate subject. They’re unpredictable and can be unruly, but on […]

How to Avoid the Dreaded Ingrown Hair

Oh…how we miss the days when we could go and have our legs waxed regularly. Maybe you still do, maybe you haven’t been as often since the pandemic started. Or maybe you were […]

My New Favorite Cleanser

By now, you are all familiar with my favorite face cream by Augustinus Bader. I haven’t veered from the Rich Cream since the day I first tried it. I am a complete convert. […]

The Importance of Finding a Hobby

I’ve been working very hard since the middle of March when our world was turned upside down. I renovated the store a bit, I cleaned the store from top to bottom, I hustled […]

This Week’s COVID Essentials

I don’t know about you, but there are just a lot of humans in my house…all the time now. They are on every sofa, in every room, and so is their stuff. I […]

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