product highlight: living proof no-frizz shampoo and conditioner

We are nearing the end of the summer and we have been getting a lot of requests for frizz control products! We have many products in store to combat frizziness and we always […]

ask stylebook: how often should i wax?

Danielle: How often should I wax? Angela, Bellacara: How often you should wax depends on how fast your hair grows. It’s recommended that you get waxed every two to four weeks after your […]

(beauty) trend tracker: the ponytail

Ponytails were all over the fall runways. Different forms emerged. At the Valentino show, the pony was tied off in segments all down the hair, giving a beaded effect. This is great if […]

lymphatic flush facial

According to Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins, “lymphatic circulation, which plays an important role in removing excess waste that accumulates in facial tissues due to fatigue, water retention, dietary problems, excess alcohol intake, and hormonal […]

product highlight: fresh rice dry oil

During the winter I love to layer an oil under my moisturizer. The cold weather, heaters and damp air all lead to dry skin and locking an oil under a creamy moisturizer is […]

street style, the stylebook series: angela from bellacara

I’m a beauty junkie. Every night I’m painting my nails with a new polish or trying out a new face mask. I love finding new products and introducing them to people. When I […]

product highlight: click ‘n’ curl

As one of our Stylebook Five this week we told you we’re currently obsessed with the Click n’ Curl. What is it? It is a genius way to enhance your blow dry and […]

ask stylebook: eyebrow vs. hair color?

Sabrina: The other day my stylist asked me if I wanted my eyebrows lightened since she was lightening my hair. I deliberately color them in several shades darker but she seemed bothered by […]

five beauty secrets every woman should know

1.) Ring all of the water out of your hair BEFORE you condition. Conditioner can’t attach itself to the hair shaft if the strand is too wet. The conditioner ends up just sliding […]

product love: gloss moderne

Having color treated hair, I am always looking for a shampoo and conditioner that are safe for color and yet leave my hair looking amazing. Sadly, it has been somewhat of a tall […]

the ritual of getting ready

I really believe that every woman should have a functional place of her own to perform the ritual of getting ready for the day (or night) as the case may be. However, many […]

ask stylebook: mascara be gone!

Altha: I use a waterproof mascara and have the hardest time getting it off at night. What do you recommend? Angela, Bellacara: Waterproof mascara has it’s pluses and it’s negatives. It wears well […]

angela’s ten item challenge: an update on her 44th birthday

My 44th birthday was this past week so I feel an update on my ten item challenge is in order. Here is how things are going: 1. Limit alcohol consumption to weekends. Due […]

end of summer beauty to-do list

You know you’re supposed to throw out your makeup and skincare once in a while, but when? A good rule of thumb is to refresh every fall and spring. The things you bought […]

protect and preserve

Courtney: How do I keep my dyed blonde hair from getting brassy? Angela, Bellacara: Anyone who gets their hair dyed blonde knows that it doesn’t take long before the blondest strands start looking […]

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