Travel with Style

Thanks to our latest addition to the store, you no longer have to choose between ugly plastic travel bottles or buying all your favorite products in miniature. Finding cute and effective travel bottles […]

Custom Eyeshadow Palettes: Never Have an Unused Shade Again

Over the years I must have purchased dozens of eyeshadow palettes. I would see a palette of all these gorgeous shades and think of all the fun I could have playing with the […]

Messy Makeup Bags Are a Thing of the Past

I love a pretty makeup bag as much as the next gal, but when you get foundation or lipstick on that pretty fabric, you start to regret your choice. On the other hand, […]

Westman Atelier Lip Suede Has Arrived!

We’ve been teased for months about Gucci Westman’s new lip compact. We’ve seen the Instagram posts and read the magazine features and we’ve been anxiously awaiting its release. Well wait no longer, it’s […]

Is Your Skin Trying to Tell You Something?

Our bodies are amazing. They give us signs all the time that things may need tending to. Unfortunately, we don’t always listen. I myself am often guilty of this. A short time ago, […]

Beauty Clean Out for “Good”

The beginning of the year often comes with resolutions. Many that surround changing your habits, getting in shape and getting organized. Perhaps it’s the excesses of the holiday season (too much food, too […]

Your Makeup Bag Essentials: Tools

Every home needs a basic tool bag. You may be able to hang a painting without a hammer but using the heel of a shoe won’t yield the same result and certainly won’t […]

The Perfect Hand Cream

This time of year, everything starts to feel dry. Our hair, our faces, and our skin in general but, our hands seem to take the brunt of it. These hand creams will make […]

New Year’s Eve Makeup Looks

Inner Eye Shimmer Sweep a holographic eyeshadow into the corner of your lids for an ethereal glow. We love the Surratt Halographic Eyeshadows. View this post on Instagram Back To This Moment! @gigihadid […]

Surratt Halogram Eyeshadows…Your New Year’s Eve Look is Here

When I first received the Surratt Halogram Eyeshadows, I wasn’t sure what to think. When I swatched the shades on my hand they seemed very similar. They also seemed very sheer, almost too […]

Christmas Eve at Bellacara

Good morning and Merry Christmas! Ever since opening the store in 2000, I’ve worked each Christmas Eve. I haven’t always had help on that day. It isn’t easy to find someone willing to […]

Fun and Unique Hostess Gifts

The other day I hosted a party for a group of associates. Some I knew well and others I was hoping to get to know better. As each guest entered, they handed me […]

What I’m Loving Now

You may think that because I own the store, I can have whatever I want in it. As my fellow store owners can attest, that is simply not the case. The truth is that when […]

How to Apply Red Lip Color

‘Tis the season for festive parties, holiday dresses and beautiful red lips. Even those of us who don’t normally wear red lipstick on a regular basis can have a little fun with the […]

Get What You Really Want this Christmas!

Every year during the weeks leading up to Christmas we have people come in and ask us to look up the previous purchases of someone they know. They are looking for clues as […]

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