Beautiful Young Woman with Clean Fresh Skin. Close up Portrait.

I Tried the Long Nail Trend. Here Are My Thoughts.

I grew up in the eighties so I spent a fair amount of time at the nail salon getting acrylic nails put on. Long nails were a thing, much like tanning beds were […]
CBD Lip Gloss by Saint Jane

A Lip Gloss That Can Keep You Chill

Our obsession with CBD as a country right now is at an all time high, no pun intended. CBD is the nicer side of the cannabis plant and that is just what the […]
African American woman holding Full Spectrum Coola Sun Silk Drops

It’s Sunscreen Time. Here Are Five Favorites.

We’ve come a long way since the Coppertone girl ads. Once upon a time our choice was suntan oil or thick, white sunscreen. These days we have so many choices. We have sprays, […]

New & Noteworthy: The Dyson Airwrap

I have decided to begin a series called New & Noteworthy because every now and again a beauty product hits the scene that I have never seen before. I’m talking about true innovation. […]

“Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth.”

I remember reading those words in Nora Ephron’s hysterical book, I Feel Bad About My Neck. She continued on to say, “You have to cut open a redwood tree to see how old […]

Product Love: Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation

If I had a dollar for everyone that walked in with a serum dropper foundation from any number of lines that discontinued them…well, let’s just say I’d be on a plane to a […]

Becca Is Back!

Those of you who have been shopping with me for years may remember Becca Cosmetics. Many of you may remember it fondly for their fabulous products. Others may remember it with less fondness […]

How To Bronze…and How Not To Bronze

Proper bronzing and highlighting can make all the difference when trying to achieve a sun-kissed look during the sunnier months. However, done incorrectly it can make your face look like a muddy mess. […]

Goodbye Dry, Hello Dewy. This Spring’s Lip Trend Shines

Now and again a trend hits that I just love. This spring it is the return of shine in lip products. For so long, matte lips won the day and all the innovation […]

Wrinkles Schminkles

You know the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” You’ve heard it a thousand times and while it’s definitely a phrase to live by when it comes to people, it’s often […]

Help! My Self-Tanner Turned My Legs Green!

You bought a self-tanner last year and you didn’t use it all. So, you go to the cupboard this spring and pull it out to use it. You spread it on and…EEK! It […]

The Five Biggest Spring Beauty Trends (and How To Wear Them in Real Life)

We’ve picked the spring beauty trends we think are the prettiest and easiest to incorporate into real life. Here are trends are the ones you’ll see over and over, along with tips on how […]

Springtime Beauty Prep: 5 Things To Do Right Now

It’s still cold out and it’s a bit windy, but the sun is shining and letting us know that spring and warm weather are right around the corner. Pretty soon we’ll be looking […]

A Walk in Her Shoes

Yesterday I swapped shops with Elizabeth Todd and took over at The Shoe Hive. I have often teased Elizabeth that it must be soooo easy to sell shoes. I mean, it’s like selling […]

Indie Lee Has Landed at Bellacara

Indie Lee is the woman behind the brand, but her name wasn’t always Indie Lee. Lisa Swengros was a busy mom of two and just 37 years old when she was diagnosed with […]

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