the best round brush…ever!

by Angela, Bellacara I have long envied the women who would buy round brushes from me. I had failed at every attempt to use one and always felt that you truly needed a […]

a return to natural

Emily: My nails need a break from too many shellac manis. How should I treat them during their “time off?” Angela, Bellacara: Shellac is the Cadillac of manicures for many women. Polish that […]

a snow day…brought to you by bellacara

by Angela, Bellacara I have to admit that cold weather is not my thing. I was born in the desert (Palm Springs) and raised in Southern California. I enjoy the snow for a […]

bringing day-two hair back to life

by Angela, Bellacara Customers ask me every day, what product do I love that they should know about. I always find it hard in that split second, to come up with a list. […]

radiant orchid

by Angela, Bellacara Hello 2014! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ready for a fresh start. There is something about the new year that seems to hold such […]

removing glitter polish

Reader: I have the hardest time removing nail polish with glitter in it. Is there a trick to getting it off easily? Angela: Glitter polish can be tricky to remove. We generally soak […]

a savvy surprise?

by Angela, Bellacara There is an ever-growing trend of companies offering subscription services for surprise gifts you give to yourself. For the sum of $10 – $250 dollars a month, you can sign […]

christmas morning non-makeup

by Angela, Bellacara Christmas morning is always a production. From the kids running around opening everything with a bow to preparing a meal for the whole family, it’s both stressful and joyous in […]

pencil or liquid?

Reader: Pencil or liquid liner if I’m looking for a long-lasting color? Angela: Getting your eyeliner to last all day can seem like dreaming the impossible dream. Generally speaking, liquid liner lasts longer […]

does makeup really go bad?

Reader: Does make-up really go bad? Or is that just a marketing thing to get you to buy new make-up? Angela: Yes, unfortunately, it is true. Make-up does expire. The expiration date starts […]

how often is too often?

Reader: How often should you really wash your hair? There are so many opinions out there. Angela: It truly does depend on the hair and scalp of the individual, but there is little […]

the truth behind the numbers

by Angela, Bellacara This Thursday evening (yes, tomorrow), Bellacara is hosting its annual holiday party. During the hours of 6pm – 9pm, the discount is 15% off all your purchases. (Keep reading. This […]

holiday beauty made simple

by Angela, Bellacara This time of year with holiday parties in full swing, many of you want to know how to pair your make-up with the festive attire of the season. We love […]

bb creams demystified

Reader: Can you explain the difference between BB, CC and DD creams? Angela: BB Creams are a German invention made popular in Korea and Japan. BB cream is an all-in-one facial product that […]

beauty blender

At Bellacara we are always applying makeup. We apply makeup on customers, ourselves and each other on a daily basis. We can’t help it, the minute something new comes in we immediately pull […]

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