a ten-item challenge update

I am writing this while sitting by the pool in St. Pete beach, Florida. This is the first vacation my husband I have taken (longer than two days) without the kids in seven […]

bellacara’s look: the manicure

Owning a beauty boutique you would think that my nails are always perfectly manicured. Not so. There are constant boxes to cut open and product to put out, paper to shuffle and even […]

summer-proof makeup

Karen: I have to go to a meet and greet executive event at a Nats game in a couple of weeks. I don’t believe we will have our own air-conditioned room, so what […]

bellacara’s look: easy smokey eye

A smokey eye isn’t always easy to accomplish. That’s why I love the Jewel Shadow from Stila in Black Diamond. Here it is on someone who has intensified the product with the Stila […]

my ten item challenge

This summer I will be turning 44. The number by itself doesn’t bother me, but the fact that it is so close to 45 definitely got me thinking. For some reason 45 has […]

sometimes less is more

Pam: Angela, I’m turning 60 this coming week and would appreciate recommendations on skin care and make up. Since I travel it needs to be “packable.” Angela, Bellacara: Congratulations Pam! Sixty is the […]

bellacara’s look: cellulite-free

The pool, the beach, the bathing suits…ah…summer! Your thighs haven’t seen the light of day since this time last year and now you expect them to be on display. If you are like […]

bellacara’s look: the beach

Of course any “Beach Look” by me is going to include a hat. Find one that suits you (Kiskadee, Coco Blanca and The Shoe Hive sell them!) and make it your best friend. […]

the pool (my nemesis)

The pool opened in our neighborhood this past weekend and instead of being happy about it I immediately felt dread. Yes, part of it was that my thighs were not ready for prime […]

how to apply bronzer

It’s that time of year…time to pull out the bronzer. A sun-kissed glow without the harmful rays. But what is the best way to apply it? Although there are many techniques, the easiest […]

when to avoid spf

Rachel: I am having my headshot taken and my tinted moisturizer has SPF in it. Is it true that for photos, I should avoid anything with SPF? Angela: Ask your photographer if he […]

bellacara’s look: the st. tropez tan

Kate Moss looks like she’s been frolicking in the Caribbean in this photo. The truth is she hasn’t. She’s had St. Tropez self-tanner applied all over to give her that sunkissed look. Use […]

training your hair

Robin: I am going to a festival this summer that involves camping. What do I do to keep my hair from getting overly greasy? Angela: This trip is a great opportunity to start […]

the look: tousled, wavy hair

For tousled, wavy hair like this even if your hair is generally straight it just takes a bit of product and a hair towel. I love the windswept look for my hair, but […]

bellacara’s look: sunkissed

Carrie Underwood’s summer glow is perfect for a night out when the temperatures rise. Punchy coral lipstick, bold liner and dreamy golden skin–accomplish this same look with these five products, all from Bellacara. […]

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