custom stockings by bellacara

Many years ago I had finished doing all the holiday shopping, decorated the whole house, and purchased all the food for the holiday festivities and I was exhausted. I was then up until […]

product love: baked baby dome

We love the baked baby dome eyeshadow trios by Vincent Longo. The colors are soft, yet richly pigmented and the three shades are perfect for lid, crease and brow bone. Their slight pearl-essence […]

bellacara’s holiday party: sip and save

This Thursday, December 4th between 6pm and 8pm Bellacara will be offering 15% off all purchases. Those attending the party will be loaded up with samples and special goodies. We have tons of […]

how to wear a red lip this holiday

We love the look, but can’t stand the thought of red on our teeth or worse, unknowingly smeared on our chin. How do we wear red lipstick without being worried about it all […]

product love: nouba millebaci long wear lip color

Most of the year I wear lip gloss or a sheer lip color. I tend to play up my eyes and I love a sparkly shadow so I generally have to take it […]

thanksgiving traditions: a quiet day for family and a little lipstick

Thanksgiving at our house always starts with a long leisurely morning of coffee and the paper. I then make the kids some Belgian waffles or homemade cinnamon rolls before we all head outside […]

product love: the essential glamour look book

We recently received a beautiful new palette from Kevyn Aucoin. It comes in a book format and the first page gives you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to apply the day look and […]

ask stylebook: all-day lip color?

Nikki: I’d like to wear a lip color on Thanksgiving since we’ll be taking so many photos. But with all the eating and drinking, how do I get it to stay? Angela, Bellacara: […]

the case for eyeliner

The easiest way to completely change your look is by using eyeliner. It adds drama and really focuses the attention to ones eyes. A bit of black liner from the middle of the […]

product love: jouer creme mousse eyeshadow

I am rather obsessed with these shadows. They’re an elastomer mousse that doesn’t crease, holds put all day and looks just as good at 5 pm as it did at 9 am. They […]

a rich and sultry scent

So the truth is that I am something of a candle and home fragrance snob. I can’t help it. I literally become ill when I pass the Yankee candle store at the mall […]

how to: soft and smokey makeup

We love Kate Beckinsale’s smokey yet soft make-up here created with all Jouer products. 1. “I applied Jouer Age-Repairing Concealer in No. 3 Cameo where needed. Then, I applied Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint […]

the secret to smooth legs

I am not one of the lucky ones who can undergo laser hair removal. With pale skin and blonde hair, the laser has no contrast to find and target the hair for elimination. […]

ask stylebook: scrubs for sensitive skin?

Julie: I have sensitive skin. Is there a scrub that is gentle but still effective? Angela, Bellacara: A lot of scrubs can be irritating to sensitive skin. Even scrubs that seem gentle on […]

autoportrait: a quietly complex scent

This weekend we finally got a taste of Fall weather. It was sunny, yet crisp and cool with just enough wind to send leaves flying through the air. I was able to pull […]

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