pencil or liquid?

Reader: Pencil or liquid liner if I’m looking for a longlasting color? Angela: Getting your eyeliner to last all day can seem like dreaming the impossible dream. Generally speaking liquid liner lasts longer […]

subtly flushed

Reader: I know I should wear blush but it always seems like I’m too “done” for daytime. How do I achieve that subtly flushed look? Angela: I love blush! It instantly perks you […]

the sixth beauty must-have

People ask me every day at the store what my must have products are and I always tell them the same five products. Sure I get a new favorite here and there, but […]

how to clean makeup stains

Reader: Do you have any tricks for getting a foundation stain out of clothing? Angela: We always hesitate to answer cleaning questions because we are not dry cleaners and it is not our […]

a facial in a jar

Those of you who know me, know that I have a lot of skin care products.  Over the years I have come to rely on a few key items though. Skinceuticals serums and […]

how to curl hair with a straightening iron

Reader: How do you actually get a good curl with a straightening iron? Allison: Use second day dry hair rather than freshly washed so there is a bit of texture and hold. Separate […]

red to blonde

Reader: I recently went from a red head to a blonde, should I change up my makeup colors? Allison: Going from red to blonde means that warmer tones just won’t look the same anymore. […]

foundation 101

Reader: How do you pick a good foundation? Liquid over powder? Allison: When picking a good foundation, focus on how it’s going to fit into your lifestyle. If you are a low-key girl with […]

a week of hairstyles


on the hunt for hairspray

Reader: The hairspray I have used for years has started leaving residue in my hair. I need a new one but don’t know where to start. Help! Angela: I like the Fekkai Sheer […]

how to wear red lipstick

Red lipstick is big this fall. Then again, when is it not? The classic look is timeless and gorgeous, but for a lot of women it’s an intimidating venture. The biggest question usually […]

making dreams come true

Not too long ago, Make A Wish Foundation contacted Bellacara to do a special makeover for Jessica who has been battling cancer. She missed her quinceañera due to chemotherapy and a couple of years later her […]

the wet brush, the best brush

Summer means water. Whether it is the pool, the lake, the ocean or twice as many showers…your hair is wet and being washed more frequently. I hated how my hair was being brutalized. So, did […]

angela’s office renovation

I have wanted to renovate my office for what seems like forever. I haven’t yet because I am just not sure the look I want to go for. Living with my husband and […]

sneak peek: maria’s makeup

As usual, on the first of every month, we reveal a head-to-toe Alexandria Stylebook makeover. For August, we asked blogger extraordinaire and Alexandria mama, Maria, to be our model. As a tease, we […]

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