bellacara’s look: the beach

Of course any “Beach Look” by me is going to include a hat. Find one that suits you (Kiskadee, Coco Blanca and The Shoe Hive sell them!) and make it your best friend. […]

the pool (my nemesis)

The pool opened in our neighborhood this past weekend and instead of being happy about it I immediately felt dread. Yes, part of it was that my thighs were not ready for prime […]

how to apply bronzer

It’s that time of year…time to pull out the bronzer. A sun-kissed glow without the harmful rays. But what is the best way to apply it? Although there are many techniques, the easiest […]

when to avoid spf

Rachel: I am having my headshot taken and my tinted moisturizer has SPF in it. Is it true that for photos, I should avoid anything with SPF? Angela: Ask your photographer if he […]

bellacara’s look: the st. tropez tan

Kate Moss looks like she’s been frolicking in the Caribbean in this photo. The truth is she hasn’t. She’s had St. Tropez self-tanner applied all over to give her that sunkissed look. Use […]

training your hair

Robin: I am going to a festival this summer that involves camping. What do I do to keep my hair from getting overly greasy? Angela: This trip is a great opportunity to start […]

the look: tousled, wavy hair

For tousled, wavy hair like this even if your hair is generally straight it just takes a bit of product and a hair towel. I love the windswept look for my hair, but […]

bellacara’s look: sunkissed

Carrie Underwood’s summer glow is perfect for a night out when the temperatures rise. Punchy coral lipstick, bold liner and dreamy golden skin–accomplish this same look with these five products, all from Bellacara. […]

the bronze buffer

by Angela, Bellacara The weather is changing and we are eager to look like we’ve been frolicking in the sun. Enter our favorite self-tanner. Of course, a year has passed since we’ve applied […]

self-tanner mishaps

Olivia: I used a self-tanner for the first time and overdid it. My feet are REALLY dark. What do I do now? Angela, Bellacara: Most everyone who has used self tanner has experienced […]

instyle’s best beauty buys

by Angela, Bellacara Every year at Bellacara we can’t wait for the issue of InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys. They ask all the skincare, makeup and hair care experts to vote for their favorite […]

packing compacts for travel

Meghan: I have a question for Angela at Bellacara regarding travel make up. I’ve had two products that I purchased at Bellacara completely break up and fall apart in their compact (a blush […]

good things come in small packages

by Angela, Bellacara I am currently spending the Spring Break holiday in Orlando, Florida with my husband and four boys at a variety of amusement parks. Over the years I have realized that […]

bellacara’s look: orange lips

If you are anything like me you probably say these words every time you look for a lipstick, “it can’t have any orange in it.” I usually hate any lipstick that has a […]

cosmetics cocktailing

by Angela, Bellacara Never heard of cosmetics cocktailing? Chances are you have done it dozens of times if not more. Ever layer two lipsticks together to get the perfect shade? Then you have […]

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