Bellacara’s Bestselling Beauty Products of 2018

Yes, there are items that consistently fly off the shelves, no matter how hard I try to keep them stocked. Since this is the season where you may be trying to find that […]

Can You Take the Red Lipstick Challenge?

Yes, “you” can wear red lipstick. You know who “you” are. You wear the same pinkish-brown lipstick you’ve been wearing for years. Not too brown and not too pink, essentially your lip color […]

What Are Ceramides & Why Do I Need Them?

We hear about them, we know we’re supposed to be applying them, but what are they and exactly why do we need them?   So what are ceramides? Ceramides are a family of […]

Oil or Moisturizer: Which Comes First?

This is a question I get daily at the store and it’s one that seems to cause the most disagreement among beauty bloggers, experts, and internet commentators in general. Why? Shouldn’t there be […]

My Obsession with Zelens Skincare

Although I have access to the best skincare on the market and have filled Bellacara with lines I believe are effective and top tier, I am always looking for new innovations in the […]

Those CBD Patches? Yes, They Really Work

You’ve seen the patches on our checkout counter. You’ve asked if they work and the answer is yes. We’ve tried them, our customers have tried them, and the consensus is they work, but […]

Holidays Made Easy: Custom Hanukkah Gift Boxes & Christmas Stockings, Delivered!

Hanukkah is almost upon us. The menorah will be lit, the latkes will be served, but will you have some small gifts for your loved ones? We can have all your gifts boxed […]

How To Be a Good Host During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. That means parties and drinks and food we probably shouldn’t eat…but will in the end…but we won’t go crazy because we’ve learned from Adrien how not to. […]

How To Put On False Lashes Like a Pro

I love a dramatic eye. I love a thick lash look. I love the idea of false lashes, but what I haven’t been good at is putting them on. I decided to change […]

Diffuser, Candle…or Both?

I struggle for space to display items in general at Bellacara, but during the holidays the struggle is epic. One of the things I stock up on during the colder months is candles. […]

What Is Tubing Mascara?

Sometimes I assume that everyone knows about certain products because I’ve been selling them for so long. I assume that they know what they are and what they do…until I have a week […]

Rose Quartz & Jade Rollers…So What’s the Deal?

Over the past few months, more and more people have been asking me for jade and rose quartz facial rollers. Why? I mean I know they are trendy right now, but what do […]

Current Obsessions

I love when customers come into the store and ask, “what is amazing that I don’t even know I need, but I need?” It’s fun. We run around the store and I show […]

One Love Organics…Not Just for Hippies

Okay, maybe “hippies” is the wrong word, but it seems like there is still a divide in the cosmetics world between chemical believers and natural-or-bust customers. Over the past 18 years, I have […]

What Is Glycolic Acid and Why Do I Need It?

You’ve heard of it, you may even be scared to introduce it into your skincare regimen. The word acid automatically makes you nervous, but the truth is almost anyone can use glycolic acid. […]

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