Oscars 2019: Best Beauty

As the red carpet began, I anxiously awaited some of my favorite actresses to see what they would bring to the red carpet, beauty-wise. The past several years I had not seen any […]

Challenge Accepted: Travel Skincare for Carry-on Luggage

I’m going to start by admitting that this was a requested post. It was, in fact, requested by multiple people. I didn’t want to write this post because if I’m honest I very […]

What’s on My Counter

As a follow up to my “What’s in My Purse” post, I thought I’d share what’s on my counter. I don’t use all these items at the same time, but they are each […]

What’s in My Purse

Customers are always surprised when I tell them how much I love something and then pull it out of my purse right in front of them. I am not generally a fan of […]

How To Pack a Minimal Makeup Bag for Long Trips

This post was a suggested topic from a Stylebook reader. I admit when I first saw this suggestion my first thought was, “I am the last person to give this advice!” I take […]

5 Tips To Arrive Fresh After an Overnight Flight

Flying overnight can be great. After all, it saves you from wasting a day in the city of your destination. However, more often than not, you arrive and just want to get to […]

Living in the Red (and I Don’t Mean Lipstick)

Alexandria Stylebook is a labor of love. I love that you, the Stylebook reader, take time out of your busy day to read what we have to say. It really is humbling. It […]

SAG Awards 2019: Best Beauty

It’s awards season and though they aren’t quite as popular as the Golden Globes and the Oscars, the fashion and beauty at the SAG Awards certainly didn’t disappoint. Here are a few of […]

Refresh & Renew

I have been blessed to own Bellacara for what will be 19 years this March. I’ve moved locations, opened a second store, closed a second store, and made small changes to the current […]

Lord Jones High CBD Products Now Available at Bellacara

As many of you know Bellacara has recently introduced CBD products in store. We started with our CBD-infused patches by La Mend. They were so well received that we had to explore this […]

Bellacara’s 2019 Beauty Trends Report: Makeup Edition

Spring fashion runways and surged Pinterest searches have indicated that the following beauty trends are poised to be big this spring.   The Lash Lift & Lash Strips After years of lash extensions […]

Bellacara’s 2019 Beauty Trends Report: Skincare Edition

The past few years have seen major innovations in skin care technology. Light therapy, micro-current, and sonic bristle devices all entered our homes. This year the innovation seems to be in ingredients. The […]

Bellacara’s 2019 Beauty Trends Report: Hair Edition

We all saw Lady Gaga rock blue hair at the Golden Globes and Kylie Jenner sent Instagram feeds crazy on New Year’s Eve with her icy blue locks. It’s a trend that celebrities […]

Golden Globes 2019: Best & Worst Beauty

I’m generally not a big fan of taking major hair or makeup risks at awards shows; I leave that for events like the Met Gala where you tune in specifically to see the […]

A Sale…at Bellacara?!

I know. It seems weird. It isn’t Black Friday and it isn’t our March anniversary event. So what is going on? Remodeling is what. I have new fixtures I’d like to order and […]

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