How Vitamins Can Help Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy & Youthful

We all know that the most effective anti-aging product is sunscreen. Avoid the sun and use a sunscreen every day, that’s what we’re told by every dermatologist we encounter. But according to an […]

Why CBD May Be the Anti-Aging Ingredient Your Skincare Regimen Is Missing

We know the calming effects that CBD taken orally can have. We also know the pain-relieving properties of CBD when applied topically. But what, if any, benefits can you derive from CBD in […]

Is Expired Sunscreen Better Than Nothing?

You’re out on a lovely, sunny day, you reach into your bag for your sunscreen and you notice it’s expired. Should you use it? Is it better than nothing? Well, that depends. If […]
keratosis pilaris on cheek

Those Annoying Bumps on Your Face, Arms, or Legs? We Can Help.

If you’ve always had bumps on the back of your arms, legs, or on your face, you’ve probably gotten so used to it that you’ve just assumed there isn’t anything you can do […]
Beauty mature woman with perfect skin

You’re Doing It Wrong: 5 Ways Your Makeup Is Making You Look Older

When I was little, I loved my birthday. After age 30, I started dreading my birthdays. Now, at almost 50, I am thankful for every birthday I have. As I’ve gotten older I’ve […]
Applying Under-Eye Setting Powder on a young brunette woman

You Should Be Using Under-Eye Setting Powder. Here’s Why.

It’s 8am and you’ve finished your makeup. You look good. Time to start the day. Fast-forward a couple of hours and you pass a mirror…double take…is that mascara under your eyes? Wait…is your […]
Close Up of a Mascara Wand applying apply sugar lip scrub to remove dead skin from your lips

9 Beauty Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

As the owner of a boutique that specializes in beauty, I often end up chatting with customers about their various rituals and routines. Every now and then, someone will share a tip that […]
Hairstyle: Double Bun

Our Four Favorite Easy Summer Hairstyles

When the summer sun comes out and the temperature rises, it’s time to find some chic ways to get your hair up and off your face and neck. Here are four of our […]
Beautiful Young Woman with Clean Fresh Skin. Close up Portrait.

I Tried the Long Nail Trend. Here Are My Thoughts.

I grew up in the eighties so I spent a fair amount of time at the nail salon getting acrylic nails put on. Long nails were a thing, much like tanning beds were […]
CBD Lip Gloss by Saint Jane

A Lip Gloss That Can Keep You Chill

Our obsession with CBD as a country right now is at an all time high, no pun intended. CBD is the nicer side of the cannabis plant and that is just what the […]
African American woman holding Full Spectrum Coola Sun Silk Drops

It’s Sunscreen Time. Here Are Five Favorites.

We’ve come a long way since the Coppertone girl ads. Once upon a time our choice was suntan oil or thick, white sunscreen. These days we have so many choices. We have sprays, […]

New & Noteworthy: The Dyson Airwrap

I have decided to begin a series called New & Noteworthy because every now and again a beauty product hits the scene that I have never seen before. I’m talking about true innovation. […]

“Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth.”

I remember reading those words in Nora Ephron’s hysterical book, I Feel Bad About My Neck. She continued on to say, “You have to cut open a redwood tree to see how old […]

Product Love: Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation

If I had a dollar for everyone that walked in with a serum dropper foundation from any number of lines that discontinued them…well, let’s just say I’d be on a plane to a […]

Becca Is Back!

Those of you who have been shopping with me for years may remember Becca Cosmetics. Many of you may remember it fondly for their fabulous products. Others may remember it with less fondness […]

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