Why Dr. Perricone is Ahead of the Curve

About 19 years ago, I first heard about the concept of micro-tearing. What in the world, was micro-tearing? In the midst of all the physical exfoliation I was doing…I loved my scrubs…a dermatologist […]

You Need A Manicure

So, I realized something a little disturbing the other day. I judge your nails. I know!!!! It’s terrible. When I say “your”, I mean everyone’s. It’s not that I actively think bad about women […]

Blondes…You’re Using The Wrong Shampoo

You go to the store, you buy an expensive shampoo and conditioner and you think “I’m going to have amazing hair”. But you don’t. Your color fades or it gets brassy. You try […]

Meghan Markle’s Favorite Beauty Products Are At Bellacara

I love a fairy tale and the American actress marrying into royalty is reminiscent of a bygone era and Grace Kelly. Now we have Meghan Markle and it’s no less fascinating watching her […]

Mosquitoes…No Problem.

This article may not be of interest to you if you’re not prone to mosquito bites. For those of you that are, pay close attention. In my family, there are the people that […]

Vacation Is Over, Makeup Is Back On

The vacation is over, school is about to start and it’s time to get back to work. While we had an amazing time, I am very happy to be home. It isn’t easy […]

Gucci Westman Has A New Item And It’s A Game Changer!

If you have tried any of Westman Atelier’s products, you’re probably reading this with great anticipation. This streamlined assortment hasn’t had a new product since it’s initial launch in Spring of 2018. Partly […]

You’re Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Enough

Let’s just admit it, cleaning our makeup brushes isn’t fun. It’s a chore. Not only that, we need them every day. Taking the time to clean them all properly is time consuming and […]

Another Awesome Cosmetic Bag

You know I love a good cosmetic bag. One comes along every few years that I feel is worthy of a writeup. This one is for all you frequent fliers out there. Here’s why […]

My Travel Cosmetic Bag: What Made The Cut

Well ladies, it’s here. I had to make hard choices. I have never packed this lean in my life and I am down to the bare bones. Not just in cosmetics and skincare, […]

What Is This Thing On My Face?

I have a lot of customers who come in asking for a cream to help with the dry, flaky and slightly itchy patches of skin on their face. Most of the time when […]

A Sun-kissed Glow in Just a Couple Drops

We’ve all heard the saying “a healthy glow.”  Most of the time we mean a little tan, and the truth is…a tan is actually not that healthy. So, how do we fake it […]

Is Online Shopping Like Eating In Front Of The TV?

I often hear from people in the store that they do a lot of their shopping online because it’s less expensive. But according to a recent study of 1,000 subjects, they spent twice […]

Some Things Are Meant To Be Rediscovered

Everything old is new again…I often feel that way about fashion. I mean how many times can we bring neon back? Some things are better left in the past. But some things are […]

Your Flat Iron Is Ruining Your Hair Color

I was sitting in the chair at my hairstylist’s and I was discussing my plan for caring for my color while on vacation. After discussing shampoos, conditioners, and masks, she asked which flat […]

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