A Very Alexandria Wedding: Diet & Exercise, Part 1

Every bride has big plans to lose weight and look fabulous on her wedding day. For me, the real struggle with weight loss and exercise has come from my routine—or lack thereof. I […]

Restaurant Report: Ashlar Restaurant + Bar

The ambiance at Ashlar is unlike any other. Walk into the historic Morrison House on S. Alfred Street, turn left, and—after your eyes adjust to the artfully dim lighting—you’ll see a Great Gatsby-meets-colonial […]

Spend Your Summer on the Potomac!

Alexandria is completely underrated in the summertime. Rarely thought of as a vacation spot in its own right, many out-of-towners just stop by Old Town for an evening as part of a larger […]

A Very Alexandria Wedding: An Introduction

I sat down to write this thinking it would be incredibly easy—I’ll just write about this favorite time in a girl’s life and talk about how Prince Charming comes riding in on a […]

Restaurant Report: Kaizen Tavern

When I think about what I want for dinner on any given night, tacos and sushi are always among my top choices. Notice I said tacos and sushi, not or. At Kaizen Tavern, […]

Get Ready to Spring2ACTion!

This Wednesday is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill Hump Day! Why not? Because Spring2ACTion begins at 12am! ACT for Alexandria is hosting the annual 24-hour virtual event in order to raise money for more than […]

Neighborhood Spotlight: Del Ray and Potomac Yard

Surely you’ve heard of Del Ray, with its wonderful array of shops like Kiskadee and restaurants like Kaizen Tavern (review coming soon!) and its designation as the top best-selling zip code in Northern […]

Buyer’s Market? Seller’s Market? Alexandria Spring Real Estate Trends

In the real estate business, we’re used to certain months being a little bit busier than others. November and December are usually relatively slow compared to other times of the year. The busiest […]

(not so) recently opened restaurant report: blackwall hitch new menu preview

If your answer to the question, “Have you been to Blackwall Hitch?” is anything other than a resounding, “Yes, and I love it!” you should check out their new menus. Chris Bassett, a […]

street style: john thorsen

You know that feeling when you first meet someone and you’re immediately at ease, comfortable, yourself around them, and then you think about it and realize maybe it’s because you’ve met them somewhere, […]

why we heart old town

Rentlingo recently named Old Town, Alexandria the 7th most charming small city in the U.S. Reading their rationale, we felt a little burst of pride at the place we’ve called home for so […]

toast to fashion

Looking for something fun to do on St. Patrick’s Day? How about something that includes shopping and the latest runway fashions from Alexandria’s best boutiques—all while supporting one of Alexandria’s best charities? Join […]

radon testing: why you need to now

Can you name the second leading cause of lung cancer in America?  Hint: it might be in your basement right now. Scary, right? So while you’ve heard about the dangers of carbon monoxide […]

downsizers vs. millennials

We’ve long known that Old Town has a lot to offer—shops, restaurants, culture, neighborhoods with a lot of character, history, waterfront views, etc. (I could go on, but I’ll spare you). The area […]

recently opened restaurant report: hank’s pasta bar

The wait is over for one of Old Town’s most anticipated restaurants. Hello again, readers! Thank you so much for the positive feedback on our first restaurant report! The feedback was so great […]

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