2017 Restaurant Week Has Come Again

Restaurant Week Has Come Again!

It can’t just be a coincidence that Alexandria’s Summer Restaurant Week perfectly aligns with times of transition. For some, that transition involves heading back to school; for others, it entails saying, “’Til next […]

Neighborhood Spotlight: Kingstowne

We often talk about how much Old Town has to offer, but Old Town certainly is not the only place to have a good time in Alexandria. Just about fifteen minutes away sits […]
Sherwood Gourmet

Life Hack: Sherwood Gourmet

Do you ever just want a sandwich really badly? Something simple that has only what you want on it and not all that overly fancy stuff? If that’s what you’re craving, Sherwood Gourmet […]

Are These Kitchen Trends Too Trendy?

Last week, we discussed paint trends and how various colors can impact the sale of your home. This week, we’re talking about trends in another crucial element of your home: the kitchen. In […]

Does the Right Paint Color Increase Value?

“A fresh coat of paint in the right color may help sell a home for more money,” claims a recent article published by Zillow Porchlight. We’ve found this to be very true, which is […]

The Booty Band: Trust Us on This

So my sister, Paige, is extremely athletic. She played lacrosse at UNC Chapel Hill and truly enjoys working out. I, on the other hand, jammed my finger tripping up the steps at work […]

8 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

When I was getting ready to buy my first home, I was a nervous wreck. Seriously, ask my mom. I was excited, but also terrified. What if the house ended up being something […]

Welcome the Newest Member of The Patterson Group!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that we are welcoming another member onto our team! The amazing Melissa Lepore will be joining us to oversee the contract process and we could not be […]

Restaurant Report: Sunday in Saigon

So, I must confess: typically, I eat at a restaurant only once before writing my restaurant feedback articles—but this one changed things for me! My husband and I ate at Sunday in Saigon on Saturday night and were […]

Listing Spotlight: 7615 Southdown Road

Baseball is America’s pastime, and Alexandrians definitely love their Nats games. No one loves the traffic that inevitably comes with traveling to and fro, so here’s an alternative to driving: ride your boat. […]

Patio Crush

The sun is shining and it is finally patio weather! There is nothing I enjoy more than sipping a slightly chilled glass of rosé on a warm spring or summer evening, and no […]

6 Things I’ve Learned from My Mom, My Business Partner

While every mother-daughter dynamic is different and special in its own way, my mother and I have an especially unique relationship. When your mother is your business partner, the mother-daughter relationship is at […]

An Alternative for Cinco de Mayo When Your Favorite Restaurants Are Booked

Los Cuates, Don Taco, and Los Tios all booked for Cinco de Mayo? Or wondering what to do until your plans to get margaritas with your best friends start later on in the […]

We All Scream for Nicecream

Nicecream just opened on King Street and the timing could not be better. We are heading into prime ice cream season—even though, truly, all weather is ice cream weather—and now have another great […]

When a Realtor Builds Her Dream Home, Part 4: 5 Things I *Now* Know About Appliances

After tackling the sink issue, I also soon learned that in order to accurately design a kitchen, the designer needs to know your appliance selections. Here are the five things I now know about […]

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