All About the Kiddos

Over the last few months, we’ve sold quite a few of our kid/tween gifts. Amazon was shipping slow and no one wanted to go to Target. We’ve had requests for more choices. You […]

The Beach is Calling

I consider us lucky as Virginians that there are so many beaches within driving distance. Summer plans that included flying are off the table for many, including me and my family. For this […]

Introducing Sidai Designs

Back in February, or the “before COVID times” as I like to say, I attended a small gift show called Shoppe Object. It’s a tiny show that only took me about an hour to […]

Time to Get Festive!

Friends who know me well know that I love to dress for the occasion. I don’t do cheesy, but I certainly like to stay in theme. That applies to holidays, concerts, parties, etc. […]

Newness. Creativity. Color. A Guest Post by Melanie Johnson

I belong to a local Facebook group called Buy Nothing. It’s a fun way to give things away that you don’t want any more or ask for things that you need. I met […]

Driveway Deals at Kiskadee

Out with the old, in with the new. We usually wait until the Alexandria Sidewalk Sale in August to sell items with these kinds of prices but well, you know, COVID-19. Starting Friday […]

Time for Action

Like many of you, I’ve been deeply disturbed by recent events and I haven’t felt quite the same since George Floyd was murdered. I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking and thinking and […]

Fathers Day, Part Two: Gifts Galore

If matching guy socks and boxers aren’t his thing, we have plenty of other options for you to spoil dad with. We have a plethora of Smathers and Branson items in right now […]

Father’s Day, Part One: Bundles!

Our Mother’s Day bundle was such a huge hit, we decided to make it easy for the ladies, too. I don’t know about you, but shopping for my husband is so difficult. He […]

Summer’s Hottest Accessory

Yep, you guessed it – masks. It’s not the most fun thing in the world but there are some good things about them. For example, I now look pretty good in the Target […]

My Favorite Summer Jewelry

Anklets. I love anklets. I always have and always will. Some seasons they are “in” and sometimes they are hard to find. Every summer, however, I find a few to wear all through […]

Kiskadee’s Helping Hands

It makes me so sad to hear about all of the need out there. We’ve had bins outside of Kiskadee to collect items for Grace Episcopal’s food pantry. This food pantry serves the […]

Keeping Cool in CP Shades

Summer is coming and with that hot weather. Although most of us won’t be going on those European trips or Caribbean cruises, we will still need some new duds to keep us cool […]

Gifts for the Graduates

So many missed milestones this year! I know there is so much to think about right now, but my heart does go out to every single graduate out there. I think that a […]

Kiskadee’s Spring Sale

Even with everything going on, retailers still need to move old spring merchandise to make way for summer and eventually fall. We have some really beautiful pieces that we need to move to […]

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