Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

I am so excited to be writing this article. It’s no secret to my customers and employees that I am a huge National’s fan. My bobblehead collection sits nicely above the register (I […]

New at the Nest: Teen Clothing

Phew. This was a super challenging idea. The hard thing about teenagers is the varying sizes they all are. Some are petite, like my model, Miranda, and my daughter, Annabelle. Some are taller […]

Susan Shaw is Here!

I’ve been patiently awaiting the arrival of this new line of jewelry, and I’m so excited that it’s finally here. As I’ve mentioned before, due to COVID and shows getting canceled, we had […]

It’s Pedi Weather!

Whether you’ve decided to brave the salon and get your first pedicure in a year, or you’re still doing it yourself, it’s time to free the toes. We didn’t sell a lot of […]

Pixie Mood is Here!

Ever since I saw this line and wrote an order in Atlanta back in January, I have been eager to get them in. We’ve had many lines of faux leather bags over the […]

Ear Cuffs at Kiskadee!

I have always loved ear cuffs. They can add a bit of edge to your look when a classic pair of earrings is just not enough. I’ve seen ear cuffs in so many jewelry […]

New Line Alert: Bell 

Ever since I placed this order in the fall, I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve been so excited for it to arrive, and it’s finally here! I eyed the brand in one of […]

Kiskadee Loves Local: ISO Candles

I love my little nook of the area! There is always something going on with such nice people involved. I love the different ways to meet people too. I’m not sure how many […]

Hop On Over to Kiskadee!

At Kiskadee, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shopping destination. Not only can you find a cute dress for Easter (it’s time to dress up!) and some sandals and jewelry to go […]

Spring Denim Trends… and Beyond

I’m sure you’ve all heard that along with side parts and the laugh/cry emoji, skinny jeans now indicate you’re old. I actually find all of it hilarious and am not taking any of […]

Spartina is Here!

As I was walking around the Atlanta Market in January looking for fun new things, I saw a showroom that just looked happy. The jewelry was fun, the clothes were pretty, and they […]

Green Bubble Gorgeous?!

This is another great find from the Atlanta Gift Market. I’m not going to lie; I was initially drawn to the booth because of the name – Green Bubble Gorgeous. Then I met […]

Kiskadee Loves Local

One thing that I love to do as a woman-owned business is to uplift other women entrepreneurs. I am always happy to host trunks shows or consign something from a local woman designer. Some […]

Johnny Was Awesomeness

It’s no secret I love Johnny Was. I’ve loved it for many years. So, when I bought Kiskadee, I was excited that we carried it. I love the California bohemian vibe it gives. […]

Bowl of Sherbert

We like to keep the rack at the front door looking as happy and up to date as possible. The ladies that work at Kiskadee are so good at making sure it looks nice. Right […]

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