Here Are Your Must-Have Booties

I know all of us contributing to Alexandria Stylebook keep mentioning fall and cooler weather. Of course, it was in the upper-70s this past weekend and we are smack in the middle of […]
College Game Day

It’s College Game Day!

We are a football nation. Every weekend we flip on the tube, pick our favorite teams to watch, eat guacamole and chips then yell, cry, or cheer as our various alma maters grind […]
Anniversary, Kiskadee

Happy Anniversary, Kiskadee!

Pop the champagne and happy birthday to us…Kiskadee is 10 years old!  What started as the baby of Darby Rush and Neil Hall has grown up and fulfilled a dream of mine…to become […]
Street Style Karen Bell

Street Style: Karen Bell

As you most certainly know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But because such tremendous strides have been made in awareness, treatment, and, happily, outcomes, we can be easily to be lulled into […]
Look Cute Camping

How To Look Cute Camping (OK, Glamping)

I truly love Madelyn Orfitelli, the editor of Alexandria Stylebook, but when she suggested I write a post on “how I look cute” when I camp I laughed myself silly! [Editor’s note: in […]
Sweater Weather

Save or Splurge…It’s (Almost!) Sweater Weather

Fall is truly my favorite fashion season. The gorgeous colors of fall clothing mirror the changing colors of the leaves. The cool, crisp, clear mornings and the chilly nighttime sky makes me reach […]
Mix Patterns

How To Mix Patterns

I’m always amazed at the mix of patterns modeled by certain designers. Some are stunning in a “why didn’t I think of that?” way, while others have me scratching my head wondering if […]
Old Mans Shoes

These Ain’t Your Old Man’s Shoes

Me, wearing my really cool shoes, approached by a stranger. Stranger: “Love those shoes! Who makes them?” Me, all excited: “Johnston & Murphy!” Stranger, with a quizzical look on her face: “Don’t they […]
6 Unexpected Reasons To Visit Kiskadee

6 Unexpected Reasons To Visit Kiskadee

As all Stylebook readers know, at Kiskadee we love our customers. I have now owned the store for four months and the rumor mill still churns that this beloved store is closing. NO! […]
Celeste’s Del Ray

Celeste’s Del Ray

I’m proud to call Del Ray my home. It’s a vibrant neighborhood where so many of us are lucky to live and work. This hometown appeal merges with an eclectic ambiance…where else in […]
Teacher Style Scholar

This Teacher Is a Style Scholar

Teachers are so special to parents and children yet, as mentioned earlier in the week, each is their own individual with their own sense of style. As we head back to school, I’m […]
This Teacher Gets an A+ in Style

This Teacher Gets an A+ in Style

Yes, it is time…whether you jump for joy at the start of school or cringe at the sound of the bell, Labor Day signifies the end of summer and the start of the […]
Yes Shoulders

Yes, Shoulders Are Still Happening

In my last post I mentioned going to market and seeing all the upcoming trends…well guess what? Showing off your sexy shoulders is still in!  If you have been shy about trying this […]

Trend Spotting at Market

Going to market has been such an experience!  Glamorous, dramatic, and a lot of work!  It is so exciting to see the upcoming trends and to get a glimpse of designs soon to […]

Ask and You Shall Receive! Introducing Tulip

Kiskadee is known for carrying certain favorite designers such as Johnny Was, Tyler Boe, BCBG, and Wilt. However, we love to introduce new clothing lines into our shop, especially when it is a […]

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