Too Hot? Too Cold? How About Just Right?!

A trend we have fully embraced these past few years is the flirty, fun, and super comfortable poncho. Ponchos are lighter in weight than jackets and can easily be worn both indoors and […]

Designer Spotlight: The Slow Luxury of Maiami

Hmmmm, you are probably saying to yourself…what does slow luxury mean? It means taking the utmost time and care to create a high-quality product that is modern yet will stand the test of […]

So You Wanna Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star?

Secretly, I do. Truthfully, I have a horrible voice and I dress a bit more conservatively. However, I certainly admire the confidence it takes to wear an edgy look that is sexy with […]

Fall Trends & Holiday How-To’s with Lauren Rothman

I met Lauren Rothman, also known as the Styleauteur, almost a year ago. A mutual friend of ours hosted a shopping party here at Kiskadee. She brought Lauren in do a little talk […]

Cool and Cozy Fall Weekend Wear

We can all agree fall is a most gorgeous time of year! Cool mornings and bright afternoons, nature is starting to go gangbusters in the color department, and activities abound on the weekend. […]

How To Wear Patterned Pants

Admit it….you admire patterned pants and leggings but, gulp, how do you wear them? Patterned dresses and tops we can accessorize easily with simple, chic shoes and on-trend jewelry…but pants? Don’t stress! With […]

Kiskadee Staff Fall Faves

We at Kiskadee are salivating at all of the beautiful fall arrivals. It is very hard to pick our favorites but here is our first go! Celeste: I understand the elegance of simplicity […]

How To Mix Olive into Your Wardrobe

Fall brings out so many bold color palettes from which to choose. Why not try a new hue that is normally not on your radar? Every fall we discuss the lush colors of […]

Under $20: Shopping By & For ‘Tweens

‘Tweens are simply stuck in the middle. They are not little children, not quite teens, and definitely not adults…but do they do looooove to shop! However, they do not have a lot of […]

Velvet: On Trend, Classic…or Both?

When does a “trend” become a classic? Velvet has been prominent on the fashion runways for three or more years. Designers love the luxurious fabric! In fact, velvet was an extremely popular fabric […]

Jack Rogers for Fall? Yes, Please!

For a lot of ladies, Jack Rogers is synonymous with summer. Most automatically think of their stylish and versatile sandals. Jacqueline Kennedy sported the brand often, turning it into a cult classic that […]

WTW: Art on the Avenue

Art on the Avenue in Del Ray is nothing but spectacular. What started as a small, hometown street fair (OK, maybe more a couple-of-blocks fair) featuring an eclectic group of juried artists and […]

On Trend: Dark Florals

When you ponder wearing floral clothing do you picture spring and “girly” prints? Put that thought aside and consider the dark florals of fall. It has been a trend for the past several […]

Leopard Print for Beginners

Leopard print, somehow or another, got a bad rap, linked to debauchery and woman of no scruples. Well, what is wrong with giving the vibe of strong, confident, and sexy? Absolutely nothing! Leopard print […]

Introducing Project Social T

When I first bought Kiskadee, I wanted to bring in new brands. We will always have long-time customer favorites such as Tyler Boe, Wilt, etc., however I thought it would be fun to […]

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