Spice Up That Jewelry Box, Part 5: Lilly Barrack

People loved our introduction to Native American jewelry. I had one consistent request though: bigger pieces. I’ve been telling customers that another amazing jewelry line is on the way and it’s finally here. […]

‘Tis the Season

It’s that time of year again: weddings and graduations. Last year we had tons of requests for a variety of styles in white dresses. The girls who were graduating hoped to find something […]

What To Wear Memorial Day Weekend

Beach? Pool? Barbecue? Whatever you do this Memorial Day Weekend, it is sure to be filled with the anticipation of summer. Memorial Day Weekend, although somber in its meaning, also celebrates the gift […]
Elizabeth Cole Earrings

Spice Up That Jewelry Box, Part 4: Elizabeth Cole

When I attended Coterie in February, I also visited a few of my favorite showrooms. I love showrooms. It’s more intimate, you aren’t rushed to place an order, and — even better? — […]
On-Rise and High-Rise Jeans by Parker Smith in downtown L.A

Introducing Parker Smith

We ladies are always on the quest for amazing denim. I sell a lot of Kut from the Kloth and DL1961, but thought it was time to introduce a new line. Meet Parker […]
Seahorse Long Sleeve Mahogany Pajamas - Whimsical Sleepwear

For a Good (Cozier, Cuter) Night’s Sleep

Sleep is for the weak. Sleep is overrated. But sleep is a necessary evil; it allows your body recover from both work and play, so your sleepwear should provide the best comfort and […]

Spice Up That Jewelry Box, Part 3: Introducing Sophie West

I fell in love with this new jewelry the moment I saw it. It’s big, bold, and full of fun. Sophie West was launched in 2014 by French-American designer Sophie Herbert-Ford. Known for […]

This Spring’s Boho Chic

Picture a kaleidoscope of colors, flow-y dresses and tops, embroidery, sparkles, and tassels, and you have the hippie influences that embody the style of Boho chic. Kiskadee has always carried this carefree, easy […]

Spice Up That Jewelry Box, Part 2: My Love of Turquoise

Every time I go back to New Mexico to visit family, I always pick up a piece of Native American turquoise jewelry. When I lived there, I was tired of seeing it everywhere…to […]

Last Minute Dresses for This Weekend’s Festivities

Easter, weddings, graduations, garden parties! Spring brings out festivities that we can only dream about in winter. Colors range the entire spectrum, and floral designs range from whimsical to sophisticated. Lighter fabrics and […]

Spice Up That Jewelry Box, Part 1: La Soula

Long before I owned the store, Kiskadee always had a reputation for fun and different jewelry. I came here many times looking for a unique piece for myself or for a gift. Keeping […]

Kiskadee Spring Lookbook No. 4: Spring Blouses

Springtime fashion brings feminine flutters, softer fabrics, and a peek-a-boo of sun seeking skin. We do have our favorite tees from Michael Stars and Wilt to top your white jeans, shorts, and skirts, […]

Kiskadee Spring Lookbook No. 3: Lightweight Layering

Early spring is hit or miss…warm one day, freezing the next. Keep your temp perfect by adding cotton and lightweight cashmere sweaters to your wardrobe. Plus, they will a bonus when the air […]

Kiskadee Spring Lookbook No. 2: Playtime

You work hard and play hard. When that weekend rolls around you want to seize the day, conquer your to-do list, and look good doing it. Effortless dressing is an art and these […]

Kiskadee Spring Lookbook No. 1: Work It

Dare to be different…and we are! During the month of April, Kiskadee will be posting our lookbook on Alexandria Stylebook. It is an opportunity for you to see the wonderful spring collections we […]

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