silver vs. gold

Lindsay: Silver or gold? Or does it matter? Christen, The Shoe Hive: To be frank, it doesn’t really matter. It all comes down to personal preference. With that said, if you walk into […]

the shoe hive’s look: at the playground

School is out, which means that you are probably spending a lot more time with the kiddos. It may seem easier to put on your favorite Lululemon ensemble when running around after them […]

the shoe hive’s look: pool party

I’d like to believe that it isn’t coincidental that I received an invitation to the first pool party of the year the day before the highs hit the 80s. At the end of […]

saving your pointed-toe shoes

Joy: It seems anytime I purchase pointed-toe shoes, I end up ruining the tips of them. Am I doing something wrong? Christen, The Shoe Hive: Yes, and no. I think some people are […]

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