what to wear: the little gray dress

The LBD has been a wardrobe staple for at least a century, so don’t you think it’s time to give the classic black dress a rest? There is another hue in town that […]

going for the gold

Gold accessories are making a comeback and in a big way. The once dated metal is now the hottest hue in fashion and in home decor. We saw the change from silver to […]

what to wear: the outfit for every day

Dressing for a specific occasion is easy, you know where you are going and there is usually a dress-code of some sort in mind. But what do you wear when you don’t have […]

on diffusers: tips for use

Candles are best known for setting the mood for a romantic night, adding warmth to a living space and they can even mask unwanted odors in your home…all reasons why we love using […]

what to wear: weekend loungewear

After a week of long hours, hectic schedules, and errands galore, we look forward to our weekends to relax, unwind, and have a little “me time”. Looking after your family, working, and keeping […]

love quotes

Discovering new vendors to carry in our store is one of our favorite parts of owning our business. Over the years we have stumbled upon some amazing and unique pieces from extremely talented […]

what to wear: rainy days

Is anyone else sick of looking at the forecast to see that rain will be coming our way for another week straight? Seems like we have been seeing way more showers these days […]

summer tablescapes

When it comes to entertaining, presentation is everything. And nothing is more welcoming than a host that has taken the time to prepare a beautiful spread for their dinner party. Having been both […]

what to wear: all-american style

In just a few short days fireworks will be lighting up the night sky, family and friends will be gathered together for backyard barbecues and good times will be had by all. We […]

what to wear: easy summer weekend wear

Each time Friday rolls around, we do a little happy dance. After five days of nothing but hard work, the weekend is finally at our fingertips and freedom is upon us! Although we […]

coco blanca’s wildwood doors are open

Opening a store isn’t easy, far from it. And even though we have had a few practice runs, there are still surprises and things that happen at the last minute that are completely […]

what to wear: date night at the kennedy center

Nothing screams romance like a night out at The Kennedy Center. Hear that, men? Going to the Kennedy Center is always a stunning and memorable experience. From the pristine architecture to the meticulously […]

what to wear: dc jazz festival

There is just something about hot summer nights, ice cold beverages and smooth jazz music that go so well together. As we turn the pages of our calendars to June we are welcomed […]

why the klismos chair has stood the test of time

Fads come and go but a true classic will stand the test of time. Decor is much like fashion in the sense that each year there are new must-have items and lust-worthy color […]

coco blanca’s wildwood grand opening

Imagine that Papa Hemingway and Audrey Hepburn had a love child born in a Paris flea market. Her name is…Coco Blanca. As we embark on our next adventure, we look back at how […]

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