Shop Hand Dyed Yarns At fibre space This Weekend!

Covid has changed a few things about how all of us operate, but one of our largest annual events actually improved during the pandemic. Every year for a decade, Miss Babs has brought […]

Small Batch Candles In A New Spring Scent Collection

Mother’s Day is coming, and the timing could not be better for the spring scent collection from Wax & Wool. You’ve heard me sing the praises of this boutique candle company before. It […]

Waxed Canvas – Why It’s Your New Favorite Bag Material

With warm weather finally here, I know that I am finding my way to our waterfront with my daughter and our dogs for lazy afternoons in our new gorgeous park spaces. I don’t […]

Handknit Sample Sale Benefitting Friends of Guest House

As a yarn shop, we frequently have folks come in asking if we are selling the handmade items on display in the store (we don’t). Our display items come from a huge number […]

Details Matter, Even on Your Feet!

One of my favorite items to knit are socks. I almost always have a sock project on needles and with me. They are small and fit in most purses. Many of the patterns […]

Showing Love for our Community this Valentine’s Day: The Love Yourself Gift Box

2020 was a real doozy for our brick and mortar businesses! For this new year, I decided to really focus on partnering with my amazing neighbors in as many ways as possible. What […]

When You Just Need to Complete Something 

As a maker, I love a complicated color work project or a pair of socks on tiny needles. But sometimes, I just need a project that is quick and satisfying. A few years […]

Bringing Holiday Scents into Your Home

We have been carrying Wax & Wool candles for a while now, and I am in love with their newest holiday collection. The company is a small, woman owned and operated candle studio located in […]

The Perfect Spot to Socially Distance with Friends

Most of us have spent more time outside with friends in the last six months than we have in years. I’ve been seeking connections with my friends since the lockdown began in March and finding […]

Fall Sweater Care

Fall is in the air, which means it is officially ‘sweater weather.’ As you take your autumn wardrobe out of storage, you may find it needs a little freshening up. We’d like to […]

fibre in focus

I started knitting daily in graduate school and almost immediately realized that the stereotype of knitters as old ladies in rocking chairs is still very strong, even as famous men and women like […]

Making Lemonade from Lemons: My Reworked Engagement Ring with Alx&Co.

After 12 years of dating followed by 10 years of marriage, my husband and I separated last fall and made a plan for raising our daughter together and moving forward with our lives, […]

Simple and Handmade: How to Give an Heirloom Quality Baby Gift

One of my favorite baby gifts is a simple hand knit item paired with a store-bought toy or essential item that I personally found helpful when my daughter was a baby. I like […]

Keeping Little Hands Busy at Home This Spring

I know that lately I’ve been looking for every possible way to teach and entertain my daughter while she’s learning from home with me. I am a big believer in the value of […]

Wellness Through Craft

While there are plenty of messages telling us all to pick up a new skill, learn a new language, etc. while in quarantine, I have been focused on preserving my sanity. Maintaining mental […]

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