Classic Pearls, Updated Edge

I am always enthralled with fashion trends but I was completely baffled when I recently read that a new trend in accessories is pearls! Did they ever go out of style? Pearls are […]

Resolve To Break Your Style Rut! 3 Easy Steps To Start Fresh

Greet the New Year with new style!  We can all fall easily into ruts, whether it is eating the same cereal each morning, completing the same daily exercise routine, or walking Rover over […]

The Tradition Continues! Shop the Post-Holiday Sale

During the holiday season, did you sit in Santa’s lap and whisper how good you have been?  Did you whisper how you really hoped the cashmere sweater and shearling coat you have been […]

Perfect Coats for the DMV

It is FREEZING outside! As I write this it happens to be THE coldest day of 2016…a 12 degree wind chill factor!  However, the Mid-Atlantic region can be a bit bi-polar in weather. […]

What to Wear New Year’s Eve

Break out the sparkles and shine…it is New Year’s Eve!  If there is any time of year to step out of your style comfort zone, it is now!  Whether you are sticking close […]

Your Oh-My-Gosh-Only-12 Hours-Left-of-Christmas-Shopping Last-Minute Gift Guide

You swore you wouldn’t, but here you are!  You are Christmas shopping on December 24 — along with all the other “I swore I wouldn’t, but here I am!” hordes of shoppers, swarming […]

What to Wear for Christmas Traditions

Everybody has special Christmas traditions.  On Christmas Eve you may light your neighborhood in luminaries, fill your home with the delicious smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies, decorate your tree, read ‘Twas the […]

The Holiday Party Season Starts Here!

It’s holiday party time!  Everyone is making their way to holiday lunches, dinners, office parties, and evening soirées.  Take the stress out of your holiday attire by viewing our ideas below. You may […]

5 Do’s and Don’ts for the Holiday Season

Why is the holiday season full of stress for so many?  I LOVE the holidays but the forced family fun can be exhausting.  Plus, surrounded by all sorts of goodies, I’m not eating […]

Holiday Cheer for the Hostess

You enjoy attending holiday parties, get-togethers, and dinners but what gift to give the hostess who you know will work hard to make her festive evening a grand success?  You can give wine […]

3 Shopping Secrets for Quality Cashmere (+ How To Care for It)

As I mentioned last week, quality cashmere is an investment.  For the price, you want to make sure you are purchasing a piece that will last a long time! We have taken the […]

What to Wear to the Del Ray Tree Lighting Ceremony

  The excitement is palpable when the holiday season arrives.  Cinnamon and spice fills the air, greenery and bows grace Del Ray’s lampposts, and the sense of community wraps around me like a […]

Be Happy! It’s Raining!

I couldn’t live in Seattle. I mean no offense to those of you who love the so-called Emerald City, but I wouldn’t wish cold, rainy days on my worst enemy.  My favorite forecast […]

Ode to Cashmere (Part 1)

  Cashmere is coveted for many reasons. It keeps us warm in the winter months, without the itch and bulk of wool.  It is oh-so-soft to the touch and against the body, like […]

Yes, Chokers Are for EVERY Age!

The chokers of our youth are back!  As we see their re-emergence on the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and other 20-something It Girls, those of us in our 30s, 40s, 50s, […]

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