“Sometimes you just need to wear something that makes you smile.”

There’s a new find at The Hive. I give Alicia McCaslin credit for it. Or maybe if folks think I have lost my mind I will have to blame her for the encouragement. […]

La Specs, the Solution to the Murphy’s Law of Eyewear

We have all been there: you’re at Neiman’s or Nordstrom and you find that pair of designer sunglasses you can’t live without. Maybe it is Gucci or Prada, but when you put them […]

It’s Not Too Late…Yet! Here’s Your Solution

Time has almost run out. Mother’s Day is just a few days away. If the mom on your shopping list didn’t come in and fill out a wish list and make your life […]

So My Husband Wrote a Book…

“I tell my Republican friends they need to read this book – but I tell my fellow Democrats that it’s even more important that they read this book.” That’s what a longtime Democratic […]

How To Win Mother’s Day: Wish Lists & Crafts in the Courtyard

Every Mother’s Day I used to say to my father, “What are we getting mom.” To which he would reply, “I don’t know, she isn’t my mother.” Of course as the date got […]

The Written Word Matters

I am not a very sentimental person. Yes, when my husband shows me the Facebook “on this day” memory of my kids in their toddler days (I don’t go on Facebook so I […]

Spring2ACTion: Sip, Shop & Support YoKid

I have two philosophies about yoga. One, it is the fountain of youth we have all been trying to find. I have always enjoyed exercise but the older I get the more I […]

Spring & Summer Shoes Under $100

There is something about summer that just makes us hard on our shoes. Maybe it is simply because we are outside walking around more, but when I go to pack up my summer […]

&everything Is Everything (and 20% off This Weekend)

In 2011 the “arm party” trend was in full force. I’m talking bracelets on top of bracelets, of course. The term was used so much that the Man Repeller blog actually tried to […]

Stuart Says Farewell

All good things must come to an end, and of course everyone deserves to retire at some point. Such is the case with legendary designer Stuart Weitzman. After more than 50 years in […]

Lizzie Fortunato & Welden, Unique & Unexpected

We are always looking for accessories that are unexpected and brands that aren’t on every shelf when you walk in a store. We buy them in limited quantities because we want you to know that […]

“Sissy, have you lost your mind?” Our Golden Goose Story

Luckily for me, my little sister Rebecca has taken over doing a ton of work at both stores. It is all behind the scenes, so you don’t see her there but it has been life changing for […]

Easter Colors

As I wrote earlier this week, I am a fan of neutrals. This isn’t news to loyal customers; it has been pointed out to me many times by customers. Literally people have asked me […]

The New Neutral

An inspection of my closet would uncover convincing evidence that I live life dressed in neutrals. I love color, but when it comes down to getting dressed I always grab a basic. White, cream, navy, […]

On Loss, and the People, Places & Memories that Make You, You

I have written about so many different style icons. Kate Moss, Emmanuelle Alt, and then the very long list of designers I love. Last week I headed to Stanford, Kentucky, population 3,600, to […]

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