Street Style: Chris Kidd

We have always had a few men at The Shoe Hive and The Hive working behind the scenes. My dad and business partner, for one, makes sure all the bills are paid, along […]

The Perfection of a Button-Down Shirt, Styled by Age (and, pssst…a Flash Sale!)

A button-down shirt is my absolute favorite item in my closet. This is a love affair of necessity — I mean what else would I wear under my voluminous collection of blazers? But […]

Wishes (for Us) & Santa’s Workshop (for the Kids)

When I opened The Shoe Hive 14 years ago, my husband thought doing so would help decrease my shopping budget. He assumed that since I’d get a discount at my own store surely […]

Cool Kid Stuff. Stylish Technology. Things that Smell Nice. Things that Keep You Cozy: Our Gifts by Category

As the season changes from fall to winter, so does the landscape at The Shoe Hive and now The Hive. We have moved out the ottomans, put up the tables, and filled our […]

Street Style: Lacey Eigell & Shannon Donlevie

This is a post I have been thinking about writing for days – but when I do I start to well up with tears. I’m sad because the beautiful ladies featured in this […]

Give a Gift, Get a Gift

The holiday season makes you think of all the things you are thankful for in your life. As we wrap up our Black Friday and Small Business Saturday weekend I am reminded of […]

Holiday Happenings at The Hive & The Shoe Hive

Last week I was flipping through my satellite radio and yes it happened, Christmas music was on the other end. I have always loved the holidays, and when you are in retail for […]

New Jewelry and a Can’t-Miss Trunk Show

As we round out our November Trunk Show series, we end with one of our favorite things: jewelry. Nothing dresses up a simple outfit like a statement earring or necklace and jewelry always […]

Giving Back: Charity Day at The Shoe Hive

I have fallen into the honey pot when it comes to life. I have said this before, but I feel like I need to make sure I never stop saying it. In childhood […]

Tibi Holiday Trunk Show this Weekend

The November Trunk Show series is already in full swing — we even started a little early this year because we had more great lines we wanted to feature than one month’s calendar […]

Stylist Challenge: 3 Looks Based on Height, Styled by Rosana

You’ve seen me rave before in this space about the awesome people I’ve met who are fashion entrepreneurs in our great little cobblestone corner of America, but my circle of inspiration is not […]

Fall Trunk Show Series: Gigi New York, October 27-29

It is hard to believe that the holiday shopping season is right around the corner when it really hasn’t even been that cold yet. I say that as someone who adores sweater-and-coat weather. […]

Welden: The Line I’d Been Looking for

Since opening The Hive a year ago, I have been searching for a bag line that I could love so much that I couldn’t do without it in our clothing store. We’ve long […]

Stylist Challenge: 5 Fall Trends, Spotted by Alison

Alison Teer and I go way back. She cleaned out my closet when I lived in a tiny Old Town house with even tinier closets. I can’t remember if I had just opened […]
Stylist Challenge

Stylist Challenge: Leather Jackets, Styled by Kathy

It is hard to believe, but I met Kathy Martin 14 years ago when I had just opened The Shoe Hive and she started managing Hysteria. We became fast friends and had been […]

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