The Hive’s Shop with a Stylist Series Is Back. First up: Alicia McCaslin (…and Racer Stripes)

Last year we started our “Shop with a Stylist” Series and it had such a great response we decided to do it again in 2018. We are always here to help with your […]

Tulusa Trunk Show this Arts Festival Weekend

The Alexandria King Street Arts Festival is kind of our town’s official farewell to summer, or kick off to fall, depending on how you want to look at it. Labor Day has passed, […]

Denisa Piatti x DC Style Factory Launch Party

If you are an avid Alexandria Stylebook reader — and thank you if you are — then you know about Rosana Vollmerhausen, the founder of DC Style Factory. To say she is an […]

Work to Weekend: Getting More from Your Wardrobe

You hear us all talk about cost per wear, maximizing your wardrobe, or wearing things more ways than one. Why do we go on and on about the same thing? Well, versatility is […]

The Boyfriend Blazer (Welcome Back)

As you have already read, some nostalgic 80s trends are making a comeback. Fall collections left us reminiscing about the decade-defining movie Clueless and making up dance routines to every Madonna song. Some […]

10 Years of Lizzie Fortunato

I have been in retail for almost 15 years now. One of my favorite things to select for the stores is jewelry. I think it is almost like art. Many times I have […]

Birds of Paradis by Trovata: “Let’s give it a shot”

Most of the lines we carry at The Hive I have researched or watched for a long time. In some cases, I’ve even purchased them for myself at other stores for years. There […]

How I Started Running Again

Throughout my adult life, I have always been an exerciser, sometimes more consistently than others. My husband refers to me as a serial exercise fanatic because I have sequentially pursued virtually every kind […]

From Artwork to Outfit

I love my family, don’t get me wrong, but if I could pick one family to take me in that is not my own, it would be the Norton family. Despite going to […]

A Logo Love Affair, Renewed

My love affair with logos began in the 80s. It started with United Colors of Benetton. I would already have the sweater picked out before I had the babysitting money in my acid […]

The Alexandria Things I Can’t Live Without

This past July, I spent it out of Alexandria. We have a fishing cottage on the Northern Neck, which I love, but there are not many places to shop. There are a few […]

On Friendship

Every now and then I write a post that has nothing to do with fashion, or anything for that matter. Let’s call these my Seinfeld posts. So here is your warning: this is […]

Tax-Free Weekend Is Coming! (Here’s What We’re Getting)

If you know me personally, or have seen any of my letters-to-the-editors in the local paper, you know that tax increases make me a little crazy. I get it, we have to pay […]

Courtyard Clearance: Last Chance!

This is it, the last of the markdowns before tax-free weekend and the sidewalk sale. If you have had your eye on a pair of shoes or maybe a new pair of denim, […]

Courtyard Clearance…and You Don’t Have To Be in Town To Shop this Sale!

I realize that I might sound a little bit like used car salesman by now, but we keep getting the red pen out and marking things down lower and lower. The tables are […]

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