Sweaters Styled by Alicia

Stylist Challenge: Sweaters, Styled by Alicia

I aspire to dress like Alicia McCaslin. I have said it before but I will say it again: she always looks good. Always. She is also a walking advertisement for eating well and doing Pilates, […]
Current Obsession

These Boots Are The Shoe Hive’s Current Obsession

I always think it is a good sign when a designer repeats a style. It usually means that whatever they are doing is working in the market. Last year we discovered bootie perfection […]
Shop with a Stylist

Shop with a Stylist (and It’s Free!)

Most of us are over-scheduled, overworked, and pressed for time. What little “free” time we do have we don’t want to spend shopping, but we do want to look good. We also don’t […]
Carpool Chic

Carpool Chic

I’ve written this before, but I’m going to keep writing it until I break the habit. We all fall into the trap of wearing our workout clothes all day, even if we haven’t […]
Love Letter to Alexandria

My Love Letter to Alexandria

Last month I wrote my love letter to Italy. As far as places go to visit, I think Italy should be at the top of everyone’s list. I even dream about packing up […]
Veronica Beard Denim and Shoes

Introducing Veronica Beard Denim and Shoes: “Hard-wired for real life”

My kids happen to go to a school with a uniform, and every morning I thank the Lord a little bit for this uniform. You see, by 8:15 I am usually yelling like […]
Denim Trend Tuxedo

Denim Trend: The Tuxedo Stripe

I remember a few years back Alicia posted a piece with the headline, “Season of Change (Is This the End of Skinny Jeans?).” This post caused more conversation that possibly any other. Readers […]
Fall Fitness 2017: "Good-bye, summer. Hello, fall fitness".

“Good-bye, summer. Hello, fall fitness”

Last year for Lent I gave up drinking. I must admit it made me feel great. I slept better, I exercised more, and was just an overall more productive person. And I am […]
1 Skirt 4 Ways

1 Skirt, 4 Ways

We can all get stuck in a fashion rut, and mine is the denim rut. I fall into it because it is easy. I know what to wear with denim and I know […]
Trend Spotting

Trend Spotting in Italy

I just got back from a kid-free, nine-day trip — thank you mom and dad for grandkid-sitting — to Italy. As you’d expect, what we enjoyed the most was the eating, drinking, and […]

My Love Letter to Italy

I am sitting on the plane headed back from an amazing vacation in Italy with my husband as I write this. I first went to Italy in my 20s, bouncing from town to […]

The 3 B’s (aka 2017 Fall Shoe Trends)

I should start calling this my “Aunt Rosanne” series. When I sit down to write about the biggest shoe trends of each season she always comes to mind. She is my mom’s only […]

Pedro Garcia…Finally!

One of my missions as a buyer is to constantly find new brands that I want to carry at The Shoe Hive; it’s been a priority for me since we opened our doors […]
Alexandria Sidewalk Sale

Alexandria Sidewalk Sale! (and It Starts *Today* at The Hive and The Shoe Hive)

If you’ve traveled to any suburb lately, you know that the ‘Town Center’ is the retail rage. They’re in Reston, Dulles, Bowie, Mosaic, and National Harbor, not to mention on the outskirts of […]
Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant, Now at The Hive

Remember the rise of the wedge sneaker? Or maybe the western bootie called the “Dicker” that literally sold out in days when it arrived in store or online? Then there is menswear-inspired clothing […]

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