the minaudière: a tried and true trend

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive I’ve always believed that it’s the size of your bag that dictates how much you end up putting in it: empty space in a purse just screams out […]

the state of the statement necklace

Monica: Is the statement necklace sticking around? Or should I start investing in other jewelry? Lyndsay, The Shoe Hive: The statement necklace is sticking around for summer. Think dark denim, a white tank […]

five icons and the shoes they might wear today

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive After our posts on Paris packing and Normcore, we’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to borrow style ideas from different sources. Given the amount of nude […]

not just any scarf

Sophie, The Shoe Hive As we mentioned in yesterday’s post on traveling to Paris, we carry a line of scarves called Yarnz that we’re pretty much obsessed with. We’ve carried them for years […]

footwear (paris, part one)

Meredith: I’m heading to Paris in mid-May. Not only is this my first trip to Paris, this is my first International trip ever. I’ll be on my own quite a bit and plan […]

conquer the cobblestone

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive We’re of the opinion Old Town Alexandria is America’s best small city. From the boutiques to the history to the people it doesn’t get much better than a […]

to dust bag or not to dust bag?

Lynn: When traveling, should I really pack my shoes in the bags that come with them? It seems like a waste of space. Lyndsay, The Shoe Hive: Whether you decide to use your […]

earrings + necklaces?

Sandra: Is there ever a situation where you should wear earrings AND a necklace? Lyndsay, The Shoe Hive: Absolutely! I often wear stud earrings with a statement necklace, or chandelier earrings with a […]

award-winning spanish handbags

by Lyndsay, The Shoe Hive Last summer, Elizabeth and I traveled to the Vegas shoes and accessories show for the first time. Despite it being a success, it was probably a one-time thing […]

the monogram is back

by Sophie, The Shoe Hive Not just for New England prepsters and kids’ school supplies anymore, the monogram is back in a big way. Monogrammed items make wonderful gifts so with wedding and […]

the lodge look

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive Last Thursday, Lyndsay and I headed up to NYC on the 6 am Acela to buy Fall for 2014. It is hard to believe we are already placing […]

runway report

Elena: What were your favorite NYFW shows this past week? Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive: New York Fashion Week (Fall 2014) isn’t over quite yet (it ends on Thursday), but I already have a […]

the bag breakdown

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive I own a lot of handbags, but I typically find myself maintaining a rotation of about three or four. I personally just don’t like switching bags out that […]

prepping for spring

Karin: If I were to invest in one trend or accessory this spring, what should it be? Lyndsay, The Shoe Hive: If you don’t already have an Ali Ro anorak, this would be […]

left behind

Last night was The Shoe Hive’s Warehouse Sale Preview Party. Every year, The Shoe Hive invites a limited number of shoppers to preview the discounted items that are on their way to the […]

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