on re-dying suede

It is the time of year where we start to think about switching over our spring wardrobes for fall. Gone are the lazy days at the pool and vacations at the shore. Our […]

take charge

I recently headed to NYC one last time until December. This trip was for the gift show which I attend once a year to buy gifts for the holidays. I have been known […]

my attempt at the whole 30

I spent most of this summer at our cottage on the Northern Neck of Virginia. Since I actually had ample time, no social engagements and a farm stand around the corner, I decided […]

on donna karan’s departure

It’s the dead of summer and Washington is in its annual semi-hibernation state. Congress is about to leave town. Our streets and sidewalks are empty because the beaches and Bay are so full. […]

ask stylebook: back to school?

Nikki: I would love to do my back to school shopping locally. Do you have any recommendations? Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive: Of course you can shop locally. You might not be able to […]

what to wear: grandma chic

“These shoes are something my Grandmother would wear.” “Isn’t this heel dated?” These are things I have heard a few times lately at The Shoe Hive. This is because our shelves have never […]

alexandria’s tax free weekend

By now, most everyone has heard about the tax free shopping weekend in Virginia. It consists of three consecutive days when customers don’t have to pay sales tax on clothing and shoes under […]

the sixth annual alexandria sidewalk sale

It is that time of year again! Time for stores to move all our remaining spring and summer shoes no matter how cheaply we have to sell them. Despite that fact that there […]

fitness on the rivah

Some folks may have noticed I haven’t been around the store much this summer. The reason I am not around the store is that I’m not around at all. A few years back […]

ask stylebook: slip-on sneakers?

Miranda: Serious Fashion Question: Are slip-on sneakers still in style? Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive: To make my confession up front, I must say I would be devastated if they are not! I would […]

the skinnyshirt

I love to layer. There is something very polished to the look of a sweater with a collar or cuffs exposed. Better yet, both. It somehow seems more put together than a solo […]

what to wear: all the comfort, all the height

It wasn’t until I owned a shoe store that I realized just how many of us have difficulty with our feet. The statement I hear the most at The Shoe Hive is: “I […]

elizabeth’s five-minute face

Last week Angela wrote about my make-up drawer intervention. It is true, I pride myself on being a highly organized person and I have a ton of clothes. Both of these things drive […]

what to wear: red, white, blue

Starting tomorrow morning at 10AM at The Shoe Hive, we are going to set up two racks of clothing outside with all of our red, white and blue Sundry clothing–a customer favorite and […]

the edit: a shoe intervention

Here at Stylebook we are always trying to come up with new things to write about. It can be challenging to write three to five pieces every day, Monday through Friday, that will […]

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