suffer for style?

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive Perhaps the greatest irony of my life is that I own a shoe store and never wear heels. Well, rarely. Very rarely. I have terrible feet and the […]

men’s night at the shoe hive

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive I love my husband but despite many years together he has not yet mastered the ability to walk into even one of my favorite stores and pick out […]

how to clean hunter boots

Reader: Why do my Hunter boots get so cloudy and how can I fix it? Elizabeth: If you’ve had your Hunter boots for a while, you’ve probably noticed white marks. It’s a result […]

a style star in old town

Reader: I scuffed up the heel on my beautiful pumps. Is it reparable? Elizabeth: Yes. You can fix more than you think when it comes to your shoes. A scuffed heel is very […]

shop small, shop smart (gift guide)

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive Of course, I am biased. I own a small business, so of course I think you should support small businesses. With that said, I understand the appeal of […]

interview with jewelry designer r.j. graziano

R.J. started on the fast track to success more than thirty years ago. At the request of Bloomingdales, he designed a collection exclusively for them that was immediately showcased in the coveted Lexington […]

the best way to store shoes

Reader: What is the best way to store your shoes? Lyndsay: The Container Store and/or Bed, Bath, and Beyond have some very helpful products to help you see your shoe options, stay organized, […]

shoes to wear all day

Reader: I assume since you all own stores you have to stand a lot at work. What are the best shoe options so your feet don’t kill at the end of the day? […]

a style dilemma: disney

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive It is an age-old question that moms have pondered for years: what does one wear to Disney? This weekend I had to answer that question – and fast. […]

borrowing from the boys

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive It’s a trend that never goes away: menswear-inspired looks. Maybe it is the Alex P. Keaton era of my upbringing, but I have always had a heavy influence […]

q&a: go-to winter boots

Reader: I purchased the Elizabeth & James black ankle boot with the hidden wedge from The Shoe Hive last year. I wore them all the time. Two days ago, my dog got into […]

shoes to wear for hours

Reader: I need a recommendation for chic shoes that you can wear without crippling yourself when you have to look polished and dressed up and be on your feet for hours at a […]

a uniform of sorts

When I get my kids dressed in the morning and put on their school uniforms I tend to be a little jealous. Wouldn’t life be easy for all of us if we woke […]

a trend for now and later: over-the-knee boots

Reader: It seems like over-the-knee boots look so great on everyone else but somehow they don’t work on me. I should clarify that I am short and not of model proportions. Should I […]

top ten picks for 2013

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