How to Style Boots & Booties

Since how to wear boots and booties is our most popular question, we decided to show you even more styled looks. It is sale time, so we have tons of deals on boots […]

Make Your Feet Happy a Home

Here we are, ringing in the new year and I know so many Stylebook readers shopped with us in December and now have their $50 “Give a Gift/Get a Gift” gift cards in […]

Winter Sale at The Hive & The Shoe Hive

After all 2020 brought us, I think we are ready to celebrate – this might be the most celebrated New Year’s Eve without actual celebrations – the arrival of 2021. At The Hive […]

My Alexandria Stylebook Gift Guide: Part 2

I decided to save this post until the week before Christmas when people are scrambling to figure out what to get. The stores this year will be more “picked over” than ever and, […]

Home for the Holiday Looks

I think we all might be getting used to our casual ways. If you have seen me around town, you know that I am the most guilty of the “Covid Casual” look. From […]

Men’s Night at The Shoe Hive

I have gone back and forth and back and forth on whether to do men’s night. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the men never really come inside. […]

Boots, Booties, Blazers, and Bottoms Sale

Saturday was the 12th day of Gifting and we ended with a bang. The last deal was 30 percent off the four Bs: Boots, Booties, Blazers, and Bottoms. Well, we extended it beyond […]

My Alexandria Stylebook Gift Guide: Part 1

Shopping local this holiday season has never been more important than it is right now. We have all seen the graphic about how much Amazon and Walmart have made this year – thanks […]

A Few of Our Favorite Things + Wish Lists

Often times customers ask me to help pick out gifts for others. This is possibly one of my favorite things to do. Okay, sometimes I get it wrong — even with some of […]

Creating a Beautiful Holiday Mantel

I know how to put together outfits. But when it comes to putting together a room or any type of decorating, I am not your person. I wish I had that gift. I […]

December Happenings at The Hive & The Shoe Hive

We’re down to just one day left in November and we have a lot of things to tell you about – maybe a little too much. First off, today is our first-ever Cyber […]

“This is a time to lift each other up and work together…”

My husband has been mulling ideas for his second book and I, of course, have been eagerly offering a suggestion. I think someone should write about the shifts of the COVID-19 economy – […]

Black Friday at The Hive & The Shoe Hive

At the insistence of Danielle Romanetti, the owner of fibre space, about ten years ago a group of us started to do Black Friday, local style. It was a way for us to […]

Remembering Susan Neithamer

Alexandria Stylebook really has been one of the greatest professional gifts I have been given. When Angela and I made this idea a reality about seven years ago, we never knew it would […]


I mean, as if we haven’t been spending enough time at home already, it looks like we could be headed for a long winter of semi-quarantine. Luckily for me, I loaded our shelves […]

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