alternative footwear

Terry: I can’t stand having something between my toes, so flip-flops in the summer are not an option. What are my other options? Elizabeth: You would not believe how often I get this […]

the shoe hive’s spring/summer 2014 lookbook

Believe it or not, we actually have a few pre-fall shoe styles rolling into the store right now. In June and July, we will be getting in even more. We understand though that […]

the shoe hive’s look: sophie’s t-shirt

After ten years, The Shoe Hive’s longest-working employee, Sophie Hume, is moving to Boston. To say that I am brokenhearted is an understatement. We are going to be sending her off in style […]

the shoe hive’s look: emmanuelle alt

If you read my post yesterday on Emanuelle Alt and were as inspired by the Vogue editor as I am, this is for you. To reiterate, what I love about her style is […]

elizabeth’s latest fashion crush

A few weeks ago I decided to cut my hair for the first time in years. Besides being long overdue for a change, I had momentarily, and delusionally, convinced myself that a haircut […]

the trick to summer scarves

Kristie: I’ve never understood how some women wear scarves in the summer? What’s the trick? Elizabeth: Summer Scarves, it seems like an oxymoron. Why would anyone need a scarf when it is 100 […]

to market we go

When people find out I own a store, one of the first things they ask about is market. What is it like? How do you pick things? Where do you go? So, I […]

the shoe hive’s look: graduation

The Shoe Hive recently discovered Cinco Powell and is planning a big event this month with the customizable bag and accessories brand (details coming soon!). In the meantime, we thought we’d introduce you […]

the shoe hive’s mother’s day gift guide

Some moms are easy to shop for, and others are…well…not easy to shop for. So, this post is our small contribution to the flurry of Mother’s Day gift guides that get published every […]

the shoe hive’s look: cfnc’s 2014 spring event

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive The first weekend of May kicks off the spring party season and at the end of an ugly winter, we certainly have something to celebrate. The Kentucky Derby […]

what’s the deal with stretching shoes?

Sabrina: Does getting a pair of shoes stretched really work? When should I consider having it done? Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive: We’ve all been there. At times we’ve purchased a pair of shoes […]

kate spade’s taxi flats: three ways

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive A few days ago, we announced the arrival of our much anticipated Kate Spade Taxi flats ($270). When I found these at market, I hesitated to get them […]

which mad men character are you?

by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive Some of you may know that my husband works in advertising, and as such is completely obsessed with AMC’s brilliant show Mad Men. I love it too, though […]


by Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive I am always the oldest person employed at my store. I live the life of Wooderson in the 1980s cult classic film, “Dazed and Confused,” where I keep […]

slip no more

Jenn: I purchased a pair of shoes last week, but the shoes have no traction. I’m slipping and sliding everywhere. What’s the best way to fix it quickly? Elizabeth, The Shoe Hive: The […]

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