Red [Lipstick], White, and Blue [Eyeliner]

Independence Day is upon us! However you celebrate, make sure your makeup is ready for the occasion.  The Firework-Watcher You’re fun, you’re young, and you’re ready to celebrate Independence. The Lip: Keep it […]

The Top 3s: What Your Neighbors Are Buying…and Why

We have thousands of products in the store. Hundreds of lipstick shades, hundreds of moisturizers, hundreds of eyeliners. I think sometimes people don’t realize how much stuff there actually is when they come in, […]

Meet the Bellacara Staff

Most of you know me by now, of course. I’m at Bellacara most of the time, and even if you’re not a regular shopper, well…you’re reading my writing right now. But did you […]

Summer (Yes, Summer) Masques

People don’t think about masques for summertime — the idea of putting another layer of anything on your skin can sometimes feel a little gross. Get that idea out of your head! Masques […]

Focus on: Hyaluronic Acid

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had some version of this conversation: Client: I’m looking for a new face serum/moisturizer/treatment. Me: Great! Let me show you [Amazing Product]. It’s got x, […]

Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Peel Event (Last Call ’til Fall!)

By now you all know the drill: we do a Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Peel Event once a month, and if you have never done it, you should know it’s life-changing. But everyone […]

How To…Use Bronzer and Not Look Orange

We’ve all seen the girl on the street who has overdone it with self tanner and piled on so much bronzer that it’s impossible to tell what her original skin tone was. The […]

#obsessed: Welcoming Christophe Robin Haircare!

Once in a great while, a product comes along that I freely and exuberantly label “life-changing.” Revitalash, Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel Pads, and Maya Chia The Super Couple are just a […]

An Ode to Molton Brown

Full disclosure: I hate taking baths. People’s reactions upon hearing this tidbit range from a heavy eye roll (because who hates baths) to a quickfire speech about how “Baths are so amazing how […]

What Your Signature Cocktail Says about Your Style

I didn’t always like liquor. I think that’s a very common thing, when someone first joins the alcohol-drinking world. Over the years, there have been bad vodkas that lead to worse spins, decent […]

It’s Sally Ride Day: Let’s Defy Gravity

Once upon a time, 8-year-old Elizabeth went to school dressed as Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. This was for a school project, and as you can see from this photo […]

Sunscreens: Our Best Bets

It’s time for our yearly reminder that sunscreen found in makeup is not meant to be your stand-alone protection. That is your insurance policy. You’d have to use so much of your makeup […]

How To: Beat the Humidity (Skin Edition)

I don’t do well in the elements. I like to think I’m too sweet to be out in the rain without melting, too sizzlin’ to be outside when it’s already 90+, and too […]

I Will Be More Adventurous with My Hair: An Update

You may remember that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more adventurous with my hair. Well, about a month ago, I became at once more and less adventurous: I cut […]

5 Skincare Myths, BUSTED

There are a lot of opinions out there. It’s hard to know who to believe, and it’s even harder to wade through the mire of everyone’s super helpful advice to find anything even […]


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