Which Is Better: Heavier Weight, Fewer Reps or More Reps, Lighter Weight?

If you’ve spent any time at all around a gym you’ve probably heard that if you want to tone your physique you should do more reps with low weight, and if you want […]

Overcoming My Back & Neck Pain…and 3 Myths Busted Along the Way

Got back pain? You’re not alone. It’s estimated that eighty percent of Americans will suffer from low back and neck pain at some point in their lives. Technically, I joined this club back […]

6 Resolution Myths, Busted…and How To Actually Reach Your Goals

As you may have gathered from my last few blogs, I love facts, so I thought I’d finish my myth–busting series with some fun facts about New Year’s resolutions. While everyone seems abuzz […]

6 Fun Fitness Facts To Consider When Considering Resolutions

In my last few posts, I’ve attempted to cut through misconceptions about fitness and fitness trends to better educate you and help you get more out of your workouts. There really isn’t anything […]

Fitness Myths, Busted, Part 2: Treadmills & Fitness Trackers

Last month I kicked off a series to help cut through some of the prevailing myths in the world of health and fitness. Today I’m tackling two more myths that have a common […]

3 Common Fitness Myths, Busted

Fitness myths are many, and they sure are persistent. It seems we’re always looking for the magic workout, diet, or supplement that will transform our body with minimal effort. And our sound bite […]

4 Exercises at the Gym You Should Never Do

You’ve mustered the energy to go the gym – GREAT! Notice I said “go” and not join. There’s a big difference in making your monthly donation to the gym (we’ve all done this…) […]

5 Tricks To Sneak in Exercise on Vacation. Yes, They Work.

As we enter July and the vacation season ramps up, it’s easy to fall off the exercise wagon. Now, if you’re one of those rare breed who takes a break and just can’t […]

Seeking Help and Direction: Is It Our DNA?

I came across the following quote from a client in survey response: “It is not Curves. Men can attend it without shame.” And it got me thinking… Do men really think that Fitness […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words…

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ve probably gathered that I have some pretty strong opinions on kids in sports and the importance of general training. To put it simply, I feel kids […]

Youth Sports: Don’t Forget They’re Just Kids

Last week I talked about the importance of functional training for kids, regardless of whether they were in sports or not. This week I’m going to continue the theme of youth fitness and […]

Why Functional Training Benefits *All* Kids, Not Just Student Athletes

Growing up, I remember my dad coaching my football and baseball teams and I always that knew when I became a father I wanted to do the same for my kids. I started […]

5 Reasons To Add Some Cardio to Your Workout Routine (and a FUN Way To Do It)

After a short hiatus I’m back and excited to talk about a topic that is an important part of my workout routine – cardio! But before I get to the benefits of adding […]

7 Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Last week I talked about injuries, how they happen and how we’re all susceptible to them. Kind of scary, huh? It almost makes you wonder why exercise if anyone can get injured. The answer […]

How and Why Do Injuries Happen?

Injuries happen when you overload a tissue or joint beyond its capacity to handle force. When that happens, your body will let you know. And more times than not, the overload occurs because […]

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