Margaret’s Fitness Journey: “…I feel like a more capable person.”

Crushing your health and fitness goals: it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And sometimes its hard to keep going. Margaret, a regular rider at Ascend Cycle, shares her story about how both […]

Inside the Mind of a First-Time Rider

Those of us who ride regularly, even if we’ve ridden hundreds of times, can vividly remember our first ride. Before: nerves, excitement, and, yes, more than a little fear. And then after: exhilaration, […]

You Are Enough

Working in the fitness industry, it’s all about image. But I’ve noticed no matter how good we look, or how hard we try, it’s never enough.   I’ve noticed that most of us […]

5 Ways To Maximize Your Workout (Because Your Schedule Is About To Get Crazy)

Ah, summer. It means sunshine, warm weather, and…crazy schedules! We know it can be challenging to stay committed to your exercise schedule. And we know between summer travel and the hectic summer schedules […]

Meet Alex

Meet Alex, an Ascend Underground coach and the assistant athletic trainer for DC United professional soccer team. A former track star with a degree in Kinesiology and Master’s in Athletic Training Sports Medicine, […]

Spring Training at Ascend Cycle

Spring is here, and with it…race season! Brian Hallee is a seasoned endurance athlete, having completed everything from a half-Ironman, triathlons, and full and half marathons. He’s a committed, ambitious athlete who burns […]

Own Your Workout at Ascend Cycle…and Crush Your Goals

I love a workout where I know exactly how hard to push myself, one where I trust the instructor to both coach and motivate me, and where I walk out knowing I was […]

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