An Engagement Story: Kirkland & Peter

One of the lessons of the pandemic has been what while life may take a slight pause during a crisis it does, inevitably, keep going. Local Alexandrians (though not for long!) Kirkland and […]

Towards Normal Not Back To Normal

“We’re preparing to move towards normal, not back to normal.” I read a great post the other day that introduced to me this phrasing, and I really love it. Tim and I have […]

Helpful Tools for Homeschooling Your Toddler

When the news started developing about coronavirus and how it would affect our lives, my biggest panic wasn’t for our business. It was rather in response to the prospect of schools closing and […]

Mother’s Day Reminder

Hello, everyone! Do you know what day it is? Because I don’t! I really have no idea. It could be Sunday, or Friday, or Monwedsmonth. I forgot our wall calendar in Old Town, […]

Ethical Sourcing: Wedding Bands

In continuing our Ethical Sourcing Series, I wanted to tell you a little more about how we create our wedding bands along with some insight into how we are continuing our wedding band consultations […]

Introducing: The Secret Shop

A few weeks ago, we tested a new concept for our little shop. Over a week-long period, I released five items each day with fabulous discounts, all shoppable exclusively online, with $100 of each […]

The Seedling Collective’s “We’re In This Together” Campaign

One of the less important but still kind of unfortunate effects of the coronavirus pandemic is that pop-ups like what we host at The Seedling Collective have come to a complete stand-still. It’s […]

“Little Breaths” COVID-19 Relief Bangles

When things really started breaking with this pandemic, I started to assess the various circles of needs around me that I could control. 1: Is my family taken care of? 2: Are my employees paid […]

How Are You Doing?

This week, I want to catch my breath. The last few weeks have been a weird mixture of intense focus and extreme disconnectedness. It feels like we are settling into a new normal […]

Globalization 101: How the Jewelry Trade is Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Our little shop – like so many other retailers – has seen a roller-coaster ripple effect over the last week as the response continues to develop to the coronavirus pandemic. Most of our […]

An Update on How We’re Managing Things

I had a post for this week all written and in file for publication. Then, last week, I asked Leigh to add an advisory to it about our updated hours. Now, I have […]

Ethical Sourcing Series: All About Lab Diamonds

Ok, you want to know how to get a bunch of jewelers to immediately argue? Bring up lab diamonds. These puppies are beloved by some, hated by others, and misunderstood by many. So, […]

Updated Wedding Traditions

With spring wedding season just around the corner, I got to thinking about the many ways couples – myself included – integrate their own traditions and narratives into these special events. Today, weddings […]

What is Ethical Sourcing?

Ethical sourcing has become a bit of a buzz term of late and it’s a trend that we’re happy to accommodate; though, to be honest, calling it a “trend” is unfair to the credibility […]

Introducing: Viva Vida at The Seedling Collective & Alx&Co.

If you have visited South Royal Street over the last week you may have noticed a new face on the block: Viva Vida, our newest pop-up at The Seedling Collective. Owner Mary Sapountzakis is […]

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