Alexandria Stylebook

Introducing… The Seedling Collective

Have you ever felt the urge to just… start something entirely new? I don’t mean a new TV show or a new book. I mean a new project. One you have never done […]
1695 217.80 Carat Moghul Emerald with intricate carved detailing

May Birthstone Report: Emeralds

Welcome to May, one of the finest months to live in our neck of the woods (flowering trees, warm spring days, and lovely evening walks along the brick sidewalks…ahhh). It’s also the month […]

An Engagement Story: Eileen & Eric

It’s engagement story time! This month you are in for a beautiful story from our clients who designed an amazing engagement ring using sentimental heirloom diamonds. Eileen and Eric were generous to sit […]
James D’Arcy Headshot brand representative for The Macallan Whiskey

The Macallan Experience with Alx&Co.

Have you heard the buzz about Old Town Cocktail Week? This is the first year it’s happening and I was thrilled to receive an invitation to participate from organizers Amy Rutherford and Victoria […]

Custom Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

As most of you already know, Tim and I have a nearly-three year old son whom we adore. He is enrolled in a sweet little pre-pre school where he gets to play with […]

Behind the Design

Yes: this is big. We are so, so pleased to announce that after months of planning, tweaking, and, of course, making, our very first collaborative line, we have officially launched — and we […]

An Engagement Story: Rachel & Andy

A few months ago, we created an engagement ring that has proved to be one of my favorites we have ever made. When our client first sat down with me last year to […]

Spring Trend Watch, Part 2: Elevated Colors

If you liked last week’s post highlighting our spring collection of daily wear jewelry but wanted something just a little more sparkly, you’re in luck. This week, I pulled together my favorite elevated […]

Trend Watch: Spring Pastels

While I consider each piece we carry at Alx&Co. to be timeless, I certainly still see ebbs and flows of trends as we move through each year. I especially love sourcing jewelry for […]

All About Aquamarines

So, you all know my feelings on amethysts. Want to know an especially mean trick of the world? I was only eight days away from being born in March. And I came early! […]

Our Amina Rings

One of the better parts of my job is when I meet a client with whom I just click. Allie Cloyes is one of them. First of all, she’s incredibly sweet and one […]

Oscars 2019: Best Jewelry

Okay, so Lady Gaga wore one of Tiffany’s most important pieces to the Oscars last night and it would be insane of me to start a jewelry post about anything other than this […]

Would You Work With Your Spouse? The 10 Ways We Make It Work

Answer fast: if you had the opportunity to work with your spouse every day, would you take it? If you had asked me this ten years ago, I would have said no way. […]

All About Amethysts

February is my birth month and it’s a fact of my life that I have never fully loved. In my opinion, the only redeeming trait of the month is that it’s short: 28 […]

Valentine’s Day, Part 2: Modern Romance

A funny thing happened last week as I was writing my Valentine’s Day, Part 1 post. As I mentioned in that article, Valentine’s Day has never held much significance to Tim or me […]

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