October Birthstone Report: Opals and Tourmaline

October babies: you buncha’ lucky ducks. Did you know that you get to choose between two gemstones for your birthstone? Oh, and each of these gemstones come in multiple colors. Talk about options […]

An Engagement Story: Breana & Angie

While designing jewelry is certainly a fabulous part of my job, it’s actually not my favorite. Instead, what I love the most about being the Creative Director of my little boutique is when […]

Layer Up: Build Your Own Charm Necklace

When Tim and I were first dating, we went on a lot of hikes in the Shenandoah area which was honestly a new experience for me: I conceptually enjoyed nature prior to knowing […]

Special Highlight: Our Newest Custom Bangles

If you know me, you probably already realize that I have a thing for bangles. Like, hard. I wear seven on my wrists every day and three of those are never removed unless […]

Birthstone Report: Sapphires – A Royal History

As many Stylebook readers already know from last year’s September birthstone report, sapphires are the birthstone for this month and they’re a fantastic option for many reasons, most especially durability and color variation. […]

The Cute Cuff Caper

Over the last few months you may have noticed something extra special on Elizabeth’s wrist: a jaw-dropping diamond cuff bracelet. It’s truly amazing and if you’ve asked her where she got it, she’ll […]

Karen’s Diamond Ring Redesign

I loved reading Elizabeth’s piece last week about editing her jewelry collection because it showed how even with sentimental pieces, sometimes it’s time to move on if it’s just not quite right for […]

Family Vacation and Reflection

As many of you know, last week our little shop was open by appointment only while Tim and I ventured far, far north for our annual family retreat. I wanted to share with […]

August Birthstone Report: Peridot

Peridot gemstones tend to elicit a rather strong reaction: you either love them for their luminescent lime-green hue, or you can’t back away from them fast enough. No matter your feelings towards their […]

Tips From Tim: How To Know What’s What

One of the many services we provide at Alx&Co. is providing an expert opinion on the make and material of pieces that our clients bring to us. Often, it’s a collection of pieces […]

Shh! It’s A Secret Sidewalk Sale

What’s more fun than a Sidewalk Sale? How about a Secret Sidewalk Sale? If you have been to our shop, you probably understand that we aren’t exactly cut out for a traditional Sidewalk […]

Behind the Design: Mason’s Custom Bracelet Extender

Many Stylebook readers are probably well acquainted with our lovely client, Mason Montague Bavin. Mason has been a loyal client of ours for many years and even remembers the original owners of our little […]

Five Fun Things

What are you up to this weekend? My parents are in town for my son Nolan’s third birthday and as long as it’s not too hot, we will be celebrating by inviting our […]

Too Good To Be True? How To Spot a Suspicious Gem

Did you know that our little shop offers complete appraisal and gemstone testing services? Our knowledge can come in handy when you’re faced with a piece of jewelry of which you aren’t sure […]

Preview Our Summer Jewelry Pop-Up

Sarah Phillips and I are co-hosting a Summer Jewelry Fête tonight at The Seedling Collective and we are so excited to share with you the breezy summer styles we have curated for our […]

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