Restoring Sarah’s Heirloom Ring

Last week we shared with you the sweet story of Sarah and Mike’s engagement. I referenced Sarah’s family ring a few times and how meaningful it was to their story, so I thought […]

An Engagement Story: Sarah & Mike

I’ll be completely honest: Sarah and Mike are the type of clients we dream about. We first met Mike last year when he contacted us about designing an antique-inspired engagement ring for his […]

The Constellation Necklace

Have you seen our new Constellation Necklace? I’ve been featuring it prominently at our shop because I honestly cannot get enough of it. I love the subtly organic shape of the line and […]

A Secret Surprise Gift Story

In my profession I get to take part in sweet surprises all the time. Between engagement proposals, thoughtful milestone gifts, and the extensive list of Christmas hints we fulfill each year, it’s more […]

On Creativity

I’ll be honest. This week I have been feeling creatively stuck. Maybe it’s the relentlessly rainy, humid weather we’ve been having, maybe it’s general decision-making fatigue from this renovation, maybe it’s just to […]

An Engagement Story: Emily & Ethan

Emily and Ethan make up one of those couples you meet that leaves you thinking that two people could not be better suited for each other. They are both tall, blond, and make […]

A Restoration Story: A Tiffany Sterling Basket, Squashed

Every once in a while, we have the opportunity to work on a restoration job that truly challenges Lawrence’s skills as a silversmith. A few months back, a client walked in with the […]

Independents Week: On Owning and Operating Our Own Business

It’s Independents Week, which means we at Alx&Co. are celebrating two themes: our independence as citizens (Voting! Checks and balances! Civil rights!) and also as business owners (Not working for “The Man!”). In […]

Thoughtful Wedding Day Gifts

To round out our Pride Month series, I asked Tim, my husband and co-owner of Alx&Co., to talk about projects he has worked on that were especially thoughtful LGBTQ adaptations of wedding traditions. […]

An Engagement Story: Morgan & Katie

This week I was pleased to sit down with our clients Morgan and Katie, who recently got engaged and had the sweetest story to tell about it. Read on to hear about their […]

A Dual-Dad Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and this year I wanted to pay special homage to the dual-father families out there. How exciting this day must be! You get double the breakfast […]

Starting the Engagement Process…with Pride

In honor of Pride Month, Alexandria & Company will be doing a month-long series highlighting LGBT stories. To get us started, I’ve put together what I hope is a useful guide for any […]

Fine Jewelry, Fun, Summer Styles

To me, what sets fine jewelry apart from more seasonal options is that high-quality pieces will last for decades, even generations, making your purchase so much more meaningful and valuable in the long […]

A Restoration Story: Tea for Two

One of my favorite parts of what we do is that we get to bring sentimental objects back to their original life, to be used for future generations with the same care and […]

An Engagement Story: Jennifer & Louis

One of my favorite aspects of the D.C. area and what a national magnet it can be is that it brings together people from all over and beautifully lends itself as the backdrop […]

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