An Engagement Story: Leif & Rae

Did you know that the third week of January is the most dismal of the year? Scientific fact (at least in my house). It’s officially cold, wet, and there are dead Christmas trees […]

All About January Garnets

Happy birthday to all you January babies! If you were born in this illustrious first month of the year, you’re lucky enough to call the garnet your birthstone. Garnets are fabulous gemstones that […]

Golden Globes 2019: The Best Jewelry

I’ll admit: this year’s Golden Globes had me doing a lot of zooming in to see the jewelry because the gowns were definitely the attractions of the night. There were a handful of […]

January Sale!

Welcome to January, everyone, the month I love to hate because it’s cold, dark, wet, and feels like a giant hangover from December. But you know what is awesome about January? ‘Tis the […]

Diamonds Are Procrastinator’s Best Friend

At Alx&Co., the last few days before Christmas are almost always our busiest. We have many clients who reliably come in on Christmas Eve looking for that very special gift to put under […]

Oh! You Shouldn’t Have! (No, Really.)

The other day I was chatting with a fellow Stylebook contributor and she lamented to me about her husband who has developed a habit of buying her completely over-the-top fabulous jewelry each year […]


As you have probably picked up from my posts over the last few months, I love really beautiful, simple fine jewelry that I can wear everyday and never take off. But you know […]

A Design Story: Madelyn’s Heirloom-Inspired Rings

I have a confession: when I first received the introductory email from our client about this extra special custom design project that we recently completed, I did a little dance. It was exactly […]

Sip Some Cava, Wish List Some Diamonds: How We Do SBS at Alx&Co.

It’s…the day after Thanksgiving! Otherwise known to our peers in the industry as Black Friday, we at Alexandria & Company decided a couple of years ago to provide our staff with a much-earned […]

All About Citrines

Did you know that this month’s lucky babies get to call citrines their birthstone? Citrines are a lovely gemstone featuring a range of shades from light champagne yellow, to a soft brown, all […]

Kids These Days

Kids these days, amiright? Sometimes I look at teenagers and think, “how lucky are these amazing people who get to grow up in a world where you have literally everything at your fingertips […]

New Customizable Alx&Co. Pendant Necklaces

Growing up, I had a tendency to alter just about everything I owned in order to make it more “me.” In elementary school, my Trapper Keeper had Wite-Out doodled all over it (which […]

What a Difference Fifty Years Makes

Did you know that this year is our workshop’s 50th anniversary? Yes, indeed. Our little shop originally opened its doors fifty years ago under the previous owners’ name, Rubesch’s, and we proudly continue […]

An Engagement Story: Britt & Geoff

Boy, do we have a treat for you today! Did you know that earlier this month, Stylebook’s very own Britt Patterson and her dashing husband Geoff Hill celebrated their three-year anniversary? And, did […]

The Gift of Planning Ahead

OK, I know. It’s only October. The leaves have barely begun to change and I have only just started sorting out my sweater collection from storage. However, I want it on record that […]

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