Thoughtful Wedding Day Gifts

To round out our Pride Month series, I asked Tim, my husband and co-owner of Alx&Co., to talk about projects he has worked on that were especially thoughtful LGBTQ adaptations of wedding traditions. […]

An Engagement Story: Morgan & Katie

This week I was pleased to sit down with our clients Morgan and Katie, who recently got engaged and had the sweetest story to tell about it. Read on to hear about their […]

A Dual-Dad Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and this year I wanted to pay special homage to the dual-father families out there. How exciting this day must be! You get double the breakfast […]

Starting the Engagement Process…with Pride

In honor of Pride Month, Alexandria & Company will be doing a month-long series highlighting LGBT stories. To get us started, I’ve put together what I hope is a useful guide for any […]

Fine Jewelry, Fun, Summer Styles

To me, what sets fine jewelry apart from more seasonal options is that high-quality pieces will last for decades, even generations, making your purchase so much more meaningful and valuable in the long […]

A Restoration Story: Tea for Two

One of my favorite parts of what we do is that we get to bring sentimental objects back to their original life, to be used for future generations with the same care and […]

An Engagement Story: Jennifer & Louis

One of my favorite aspects of the D.C. area and what a national magnet it can be is that it brings together people from all over and beautifully lends itself as the backdrop […]

Behind the Design: The Right Angle Bangle (aka My “Mama Bangle”)

People sometimes ask if I have a favorite design from our &Co. line and while I hesitate to express any unjust favoritism (if I didn’t love a design, I wouldn’t make it!), I […]

A Celebration of Julep Cups

Each year, as the first signs of spring come in, I am reminded once again of our decidedly Southern environment. The flowering trees and lush, dripping greenery that suddenly overtake our cobbled streets; […]

Newness All Around!

If you’ve been following along with our Instagram stories, you’ll know that recently we made some serious progress in our renovation saga. We have refinished our entryway flooring, our staircase is completely refurbished […]

Graduation Gifts, Selected by Major

Can you believe it’s graduation season? With how long this winter seemed to last, it’s hard to wrap my brain around the fact that school is almost finished, finals are nearly here, and […]

An Engagement Story: Kirstin & Francis

Kirstin and Francis are the type of couple we love to see walk through our doors: creative, down-to-earth, and extremely thoughtful. They lived in the D.C. area for years and now call Berkeley, […]

Restoring an Antique

Our workshop is privileged to work on pieces of all types of value, antiquity, and complexity. Restoring an antique takes careful time and precision, and we love taking in pieces that present interesting […]

On Metals, part 2: Gold

For our first “On Metals” post, I introduced you to the elements platinum and palladium, two white metals that have some pretty cool histories and uses (if you’re into that sort of thing). […]

Renovation Update (and Exciting News!)

When I last wrote about our heroic renovation efforts (perhaps I didn’t use that descriptor at the time, but six weeks later, I feel it’s apt), we were neck-deep in a lot of […]

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