The Joy of Live Music (and WTW To Enjoy It)

A few hours before I began writing this piece I attended a performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Kennedy Center, where the National Symphony Orchestra and University of Maryland’s Concert Choir brought to […]

The 5 Skincare Secrets Sarah Swears By

It never fails. On those days when I hope to look most “put-together” I wake up with a significant breakout prominently displayed on my face. Several weeks ago I had a big day: […]
Small Businesses

How Small, Local Boutiques Are Saving Retail

Even if you haven’t been following the shift in the retail environment closely it’s nearly impossible to avoid the headlines of what some have termed the “Retail Apocalypse.” “America’s Malls and Department Stores […]
From “Scared-y Cat” to Convert: My MicroNeedling Experience

From “Scared-y Cat” to Convert: My MicroNeedling Experience

When it comes to certain things, I’m what you might consider a “scared-y cat” – afraid of my own shadow, as my husband sometimes jokes. I have a few thoughts on why this […]

In Living Color

Several weeks ago, I cleaned out my closet. To use a fancier term, I performed a “closet audit.” I followed a formula that I learned from Rosanna Vollmerhausen and Lani Inlander, two prominent […]

Introducing the HydraFacial

As I’m noticing in several areas of my life, as I get older, change is getting harder. So when Sarah Akram, owner of Sarah Akram Skincare, suggested that I try the HydraFacial based […]

Talking About Fashion

Several weeks ago, as I was mindlessly scrolling through my social media feed, I saw an ad for a women’s clothing start-up. This start-up targets professional women who desire classic, well-made silhouettes and […]

Why It’s Never Too Late To Start Taking Care of Your Skin

If you’re anything like me, you look back 20 or 25 years (yikes, that makes me feel old!) and cringe when you think of how negligent you were with your skin. Baking in […]

The Best Time To Buy Winter Investment Pieces? Right Now

As a Stylebook reader, the terms cost-per-wear (CPW) and investment piece are probably very familiar to you since many Stylebook contributors reference them frequently. Cost per wear is often used to decide if […]

Not-So-Basic Black: Think Leather + Fur for Holiday Party Looks

Last month Alicia wrote a great Stylebook piece discussing the most flattering ways to wear black, and I’ll admit it, I’m one of the women Alicia mentioned that has a closet full of […]

Treating (and Beating!) Adult Acne: A Personal Story

  I knew the routine by heart. After a dermatologist visit I would begin a regimen of several oral antibiotics. Three to four months later my skin would somewhat clear, and I would […]

Trending: Over-the-Knee-Boots — Can They Really Work for Me?

Typically, I’m not one to adopt a trend quickly. I first see it either in a fashion magazine or online and then watch to see how it’s translated into more mainstream fashion. Sometimes, […]

Shorter Days and Longer Sleeves: The Case for the Fall Dress

You’ve switched from an iced cold-brew to a PSL. You’ve at least thought about moving your tights from the back of your drawer to somewhere more accessible. And, your friends have already begun […]

From Runway to Reality: Taking Inspiration from NYFW

  As the sun sets on Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week, the last eight days have shown us the lengths to which designers will go to stay relevant in an ever-changing fashion […]

Is Airport Style Really a Thing? 4 Perfect On-the-Go Looks for Fall

Recently, vogue.com featured a piece on French airport style. Victoria Beckham’s outfits at JFK, LAX, and other global airports are papped and praised (see above!). Hashtags on a photo of an influential fashion […]

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