Resiliency After “Failure” – A Birth Story

Meryl, our featured author, is the one who actually told me about this horrific fact in the U.S.: Black women are astonishingly more likely to die from pregnancy related complications… solely because of the […]

Get Busy Living

Okay folks, it’s time to get busy living. We all had a tough year. Normally around this time, as we proclaim our resolutions, many gyms and fitness studios, Mind the Mat alike, launch […]

Five Things You Can Do for Your Spine Right Now

Problems with the spine are a big issue. In fact, in the U.S., back and neck pain is actually a multi-billion dollar issue. These days, I’m hearing more and more complaints about neck […]

The Great Outdoors (of Alexandria)

Remember that line Jack says to Rose as she is standing on the back of the Titanic threatening to jump? “You seem like kind of an indoor girl.” That’s me. I’m an indoor […]

Coming in HAWT

It’s that time of year again here at Mind the Mat. For seven years, we’ve enrolled a cohort of curious minds into our signature Yoga Teacher training, and we start a new format […]

Let’s Move Outside

On a day like today, one reflects. My husband and I both lost someone on 9/11. One human, a high school friend and another human, a college teammate, were both working on the […]

What Now?

This month, I got to spend two weeks away on a not-so-crowded beach in North Carolina. It was so physically detached, that we were able to pretend we were in different times. While […]

You Asked, I Answered!

When I write for Stylebook, I feel like I focus on the topics that interest me the most. So, I took to Instagram and asked for your questions (please follow me at @drmeganbrown […]

What is the Perfect Workout?

Well, I’m a bit biased of course, but when equipment access is limited, the method with the least number of barriers but the highest amount of benefits sounds pretty perfect to me. Enter […]

There is Only One Word

There is one word. One word that describes the feeling I get teaching so many amazing people at Mind the Mat. This word was the thing I longed for as a child. Even […]

Yoga Tools You Can Use Right Now!

As I sat on my front porch steps last Monday after a torrential downpour, I reflected on my horrible day. On top of everything going on, the Hot Studio in Del Ray had […]

Keep the Ship in the Channel

On March 14th, 2020, before the social distancing orders, we went out to dinner with friends for the last time. That night I couldn’t sleep. I had a gut feeling that gnawed at […]

Mind the Mat’s How-To for Online Classes

We will get through this together. As we’ve temporarily suspended in-person classes, we are now offering Digital Classes at this time. We urge you to stay healthy and join us from the comfort of your home. We care about you! Please […]

The Ab Trick Everyone Should Know

This is the abdominal secret trick that everyone should know. I tell people in my classes, when you walk down the street recruiting your abdominals this way, feel bad for the people walking […]

We Are Not Broken

“Needs stability.” I admit I used to write this in patients’ charts as part of my assessment of “what was wrong” with them. Over the years and especially most recently, I finally figured […]

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