Giving Thanks on Your Mat: Flow Together Before You Eat Together

Before greeting each other at the diner table, give thanks at Mind the Mat on your mat. Bring your out-of-town guests for these two invigorating yoga workshops, each designed to strengthen and stretch the entire […]

It’s HAWT Pilates Week! FREE Classes Galore!

This weekend, we start our second HAWT Pilates Teacher Training here at Mind the Mat Studios! As a new crop of bright-minded and curious Pilates enthusiasts journeys through biomechanics, skilled cueing, and creative […]

This Is Why Your Wrist Hurts

Do your wrists hurt during a plank? When planking, you’ve either done this in your exercise class or you’ve seen people doing it: grabbing at their wrists in pain and/or modifying the move […]
The Missing Link in Fitness

The Missing Link in Fitness

People are pretty picky about their workouts. Whether it’s the location, the music, the studio vibe, or the teacher (it’s always about the teacher), we want to make sure we’re getting results and […]
Why Your Shoulder Hurts

This Is Why Your Shoulder Hurts

This past weekend I went on an annual girls’ trip with amazing women.  We all look forward to this trip in the gorgeous Eastern Shore of Maryland where we eat, drink, laugh, and […]
Street Style Sara VanderGoot

Street Style: Sara VanderGoot

Mind the Mat would not exist if it were not for Sara. It’s true. The whole thing was her idea. She already had an established and successful business on The Avenue in Del […]
Lets Do This September

Let’s Do This, September!

With kids out of school, family bonds are strengthened…but not our muscles!  Fitting in a workout during travel can be a challenge. Welcome back, everyone. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for […]

The Sweaty, Snarky Joy of HAWT Pilates

I didn’t used to teach like this…all sweaty, snarky, and hot-mess-like with music blaring and people grunting and resting every five minutes.  In fact, the environment was quite the opposite: picture Enya-themed mindful […]

5 Workout Do’s & Don’ts

Classic Quad Stretch  I see this classic gym stretch all the time.  Practice it with your knee back further than you think it needs to be.  Then tuck your bum underneath you to fully […]

Start 2017 in Balance

So, you have plans New Year’s Eve right?  Of course you do: have fun and be safe.  But what about on the 1st of January?  How will you set the stage for 2017? […]

The Gift of Health: the Perfect Gift of Love for Everyone

This holiday season, give the gift of health, stress relief, confidence, community…the gift of love.  At Mind the Mat Pilates & Yoga, we strive to make every person feel welcome and every experience […]

Need To Destress + Heal? Just Breathe.

“Just” breathing seems like a simple and obvious request. After all, breathing is automatic, we don’t even think about it. This automaticity allows us to inhale and exhale almost 1,000 times per day while performing […]

Happy + Healthy Feet

When I was practicing in orthopedics I deemed one summer “The Summer of the Foot.”  I was working outpatient physical therapy and seeing roughly 2-3 patients per hour.  An astounding 75 percent of […]

“Music. Makes the people. Come together…”

What’s your favorite song of all time?  Quickly, you only have five seconds…1…2…3…4…5…Do you have it?  Write it down.  Now think about what you were doing in your life around the time that […]

Don’t Fear the Studio! 5 New Client Myths Debunked

1. Everyone is looking at me, judging me.  Nope.  They are all focused on themselves, the teacher, the subject matter, or afraid you are looking at them!  So walk on in there and […]

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